Sunday, January 13, 2008

8 Degrees

These decrees are based on Psalm 91

1. I dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the protective and victorious shadow of the Almighty. The Lord is my refuge and fortress. He is my God in whom I trust. (Based on verses 1,2).

2. The Lord Jesus Christ delivers me from every snare of the enemy. (Based on verse 3)

3. I am completely hidden under the wings of the Lord and He is faithful as my personal Shield and Protector. (Based on verse 4)

4. I am free from all fear. The enemy cannot harm me. Even when he tries, he fails. His strategies cannot approach me. I will see him fall by the hand of the Lord in my midst. Today, I am victorious. (Based on verse 8)

5. No evil befalls me. No sickness comes near my home. (Based on verse 10)

6. The angels of the Lord have been given charge over me to guard me in all my ways. They fully protect me. Many of them have been given charge over me and are in my midst right now. (Based on verses 11,12)

7. The devil is under my feet. I have been given power over him to trample him down. (Based on verse 13)

8. Because I love the Lord, He delivers me each day from every work of the enemy. I always walk in victory. The Lord sets me securely on high, answers me in trouble, rescues me and blesses me with long and abundant life. (Based on verses 14-16)

These decrees are based on Deuteronomy 28:1-13

1. Because I believe in Christ who obeyed and fulfilled all the commandments, I am overtaken with blessings. (Based on verses 1,2)

2. I am blessed everywhere I go – in cities and in countries. (Based on verse 3)

3. My children are blessed. (Based on verse 4)

4. I am blessed with abundant provision. (Based on verse 5)

5. I am blessed when I go in and blessed when I go out. (Based on verse 6)

6. I am blessed with victory when my enemies attempt to come against me. They flee before me seven ways. (Based on verse 7)

7. I am blessed in all I put my hands to do and I abound in prosperity. (Based on verse 8,11)

8.The Lord has made me the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. He has opened the heavens for me that I might live under His continual flow of blessings. (Based on verses 12,13)

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