Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 Words

God has everything under control!
There are those involved in lofty, worldly things, with a love
for money and no consideration for God. Be mindful instead
of those things which have eternal consequences, which
cannot be purchased with gold or silver, and which God offers
freely to those who ask.

We have many examples of how God brings victory. We can
see Joshua in the presence of God seeing the walls of Jericho

We do not choose the path God has for us. He is in control
and with His Hand, will lead you. In the midst of war and
troubles, He will lead you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reagan on the Berlin Wall 26 yrs. ago

Twenty-six years ago today, President Ronald Reagan delivered one of the defining speeches of his presidency. He traveled to Berlin, Germany, which at that time was divided by one of Soviet Communism's most visibly oppressive symbols -- the Berlin Wall.

Rather than seeking accommodation with the Soviets or rationalizing away the evil that wall represented, Ronald Reagan took a stand for freedom and boldly declared, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

That was the beginning of the end of the "evil empire." Two years later, the Berlin Wall came down, and two years after that the Soviet Union collapsed as well. That is leadership. And the West desperately needs such bold leadership today as it confronts the evil of Islamofascism.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Something Different Now

There is something different now.

Most of you can sense it, yet you remain unsure of exactly what it is.
Over the last several months you have been filled with warnings, revelations and all manner of understanding. Some of these things have been obvious to you while some have remained a mystery until you laid eyes upon the words of others.
While your frustration and disdain remain there is something different in you now.
The overwhelming flood of information regarding these final days has slowed to a trickle. You have wondered of this and surmised that you have simply reached a point of saturation. You shrugged off the mental and spiritual stalemate as overload assuming that one day would bring a restoration of the revelations you have been receiving for so long now.
Yet that restoration has not come. Rather you have discovered something else - a new revelation. You are finding out that you are not the only one either.

How many of you now find that you have been surrounded with an overwhelming sense that rain is starting to pour? It seems that the time for building the Ark has passed. The time has now come to open the doors and take shelter. This can mean only one thing:
The time of rain shall soon become a storm. Soon the doors will shut and those left behind shall perish.
Today you find a sense of singular urgency. Today you understand that it is time to make final preparations. Today you find that tomorrow is no longer assured. You cannot shake the undeniable sensation that what you are now experiencing shall soon pass.

There is but one final revelation that the Lord shall send.
One day very soon we shall all come to an undeniable understanding for which there can be no mistake.
It may come to you when you rise in the morning. It may find you when you turn on the news. Perhaps you will find yourself sitting at work or in your car.
Make no mistake – it will come.
It will be as the weight of ten horses upon your chest. There will be a sensation within your mind as a mighty rushing wind. It will wash over you and you will be rendered speechless. You will feel the presence of the Lord and it shall permeate your entire body.

You will know this as you have known nothing before. This will be a true supernatural revelation the likes of which have never befallen the earth. Many of you will be standing when this revelation comes. You will be forced to your knees by the weight of what you now understand.
Then – at once – everything shall come into focus.
Within a moment of time all of the energy and force with which this revelation overtook your heart, mind and soul shall centralize and focus into a singular knowledge and an unmistakable word:

“It is finished”.

From that moment you shall know that the Gospel has run its course. The times of the Gentiles are now fulfilled. The times of the Tribulation are truly at hand.
You will know that the clock has wound down to a stop.
There will be clarity of thought and purpose in that moment. There are no more years or months before us - there are but days left. Every hour from that moment forward will bring further confirmation of what you so clearly now understand. Each news story paints an unmistakable picture.
Ironically, as many of you read this there is already a growing realization of the truth of these words. Some of you already suspect that there is to be one final, unmistakable global revelation. Rest assured it is coming – and it is coming soon.

We are simply out of time.