Friday, March 19, 2010

Speak To This Mountain

My holy people, do you know and understand the power of your words? For I have anointed you with abilities to speak and create or speak and destroy or speak and move mountains or speak and wreak havoc.
My Heart, My desire, is that your words will bear good fruit. When you speak, those that hear will be affected; depending upon their heart condition and upon their desire to honor Me. When you are speaking My words, there is power greater than your own words, for there is a breaking, a tearing and a blasting that occurs.
Those that have a heart to follow Me will be encouraged to do right. Those that have a heart to follow their own selfish desires will be stirred up to silence you, to kill you and to cause My words to stop. This is the work of the religious spirit and this is the very thing that happened when My Son was on the earth.
Do not think it strange that when you speak My words that the religious spirit does everything it can to destroy you and kill you, after all you are My weapon, in My Hand, to deal judgment to all that oppose My Kingdom.
Continue to speak My words.
Continue to encourage My holy people.
No matter the venue.
No matter the resistance.
I have called you to be My witnesses [martyrs] and as My testimony goes out, the enemy will suffer great loss. Many do not know how they are being used by the religious spirit. Pray for them, just as My Son prayed for them: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
This will keep your heart from being wounded and it will maintain the right heart condition in you. But do not allow the religious ones to silence you. They wanted to silence My Son, but He did not listen to their rebellion. Instead He fearlessly spoke My words.
Frequent the places of liberty, for these are the places where My Spirit is moving and where My Spirt is honored above the works and programs of men.
Become a Holy Spirit pleaser, not a people pleaser. Honor Me, as you honor the Holy Spirit. At this appointed time and at this appointed season, I counsel you to speak directly to the religious spirit, cursing it and its root of Jezebel.
It is time this foul root be withered up in My Church. Allow My power to flow from your lips in faith.
Speak to this mountain and it will surely move.

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