Sunday, March 21, 2010

GPS For Those Who Are Lost

Which GPS do you use?
Global Positioning Satellite -vs- God's Positioning Spirit
Our earthly GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system is a worldly tool to guide you to your desired destination by displaying a map picture, and a voice, prompting you when and where to turn to reach your destination, so you won't be "lost". If you make a wrong turn, a voice prompt will say "re-calculating" and will give you directions to get you back on course toward your destination. This GPS system also shows what time you should arrive at your destination. The system can also locate fuel stations, food, airports, hospitals, etc., etc.
Our Spiritual GPS (God's Positioning Spirit) system is a Godly system for guidance by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, which can prevent you from being "lost". The Holy Spirit can prompt you, lead and guide you, in the direction you should go.
If you listen to the "small voice" prompting you by the Holy Spirit, you can turn up the volume so you can hear the Holy Spirit. You can re-program your mind to better follow His guidance, by reading His instruction book (the Bible), and communication with Him through prayer. Your main destination is heaven.
Spiritually speaking, the other GPS system may provide good guidance here on earth but in the end, your use of only the earthly system, will not lead you to heaven, therefore you may end up in the lake of fire, instead of heaven.
With the earthly GPS system, you can program the GPS to lead you to your earthly "home" regardless of where you are at. However, the Spiritual GPS system, if followed, can lead you to your "heavenly home".
Which system are you using?

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