Friday, March 12, 2010

Always Be Joyful

Always be joyful...1 Thessalonians 5:16

My holy people; is there any question, is there any doubt, is there anything unclear or uncertain about what I am saying here? You are to be joyful at all times. Does that mean there is a certain time you are to be joyful and a time you are not to be joyful? No. I have declared to you that you are to be joyful at all times.

Be joyful when people persecute you.
Be joyful when circumstances fail.
Be joyful when the enemy has seemingly won a victory.
Yes, even be joyful when the religious spirit strikes out at you in desperation.
You are to be joyful when things don’t work out the way you had hoped.
You are to be joyful when the tire is flat on your car.
You are to be joyful when you are dealt a bad hand in life.
And yes, you are to be joyful when sorrow has come upon your loved ones.

My love for you should be the barometer of how you live, not the circumstances of life, nor the expectations of others. As you keep your eyes fixed upon Me, you are able to have a heart that is free from hurt. You may experience the pains of life, but not the broken heart of love forever lost.

You see, no matter what happens to you, My love for you will never be lost, and I will never by any means forsake you. So, you see, it is possible to look in the face of loss and pain and strife and laugh with the utmost joy, knowing that no matter how hard the enemy tries to defeat you, he cannot! For none of these things by any means can keep My love from you.
Some would say that kind of joy draws attention to oneself and is not appropriate. I would say My Heart of love has already done that and I say you are worth My full attention.

This is not weakness, but this is your utmost strength. Therefore, My holy people, be strong in My joy. Laugh, sing, dance, rejoice and make a spectacle of the love that I have shed abroad in your heart.
Do not hold back, do not restrain yourself, but instead … always be joyful!

My love; My lovely one … come away with Me! Let us enjoy the splendor of our love: Dancing together on the mountain of victory. Allow Me to teach you to dance the dance of love, and we will experience the joys that most can never enjoy.

My beautiful bride-to-be; see Me and rise in joy to experience the heightened love of My Kingdom. Allow My joy to overflow from your heart. A joy that no religious spirit can diminish and a joy that no man can take from you.

Enter into the inner chambers of My love for you.

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