Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First 6 Days In Hell

Hell = the place of eternal torment, the final abode of the unrighteous - where they suffer eternal punishment.

Dear ones, Hell is a real place, sadly many people will make that choice everyday! I have heard people say that they have hell here on earth, they already live in hell- NO!!! . There are many scriptures in the "Word of God" to read: I encourage you to open and read the Bible!

Lets take a peak at what Hell will be like. . . .

Day 1 As you pass through the doorway of death darkness overtakes you, walking away from the light. The atmosphere lacks joy; there is no laughter! Only gray, sullen, lifelessness - as you begin to realize that there are no exits here in hell.

You feel like a traveler in a foreign land. Nothing looks familiar. In the depths of darkness, the stench is horrendous! Like the smell of burning sulfur, and decaying bodies rotting away in the darkness. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Of souls crying out in the darkness.

You become aware of time. Almost obsessed with it! What seems like eternity to you has only been one day. And you begin to realize that you are in this place forever!

Day 2 The cries of souls dying in their sins is deafening! You cannot help them! You can't even save yourself. You struggle to open your eyes, to focus, but it seems useless. Everything looks smeared, like charcoal clinging to its barren walls. There is no color. No signs of life. Heaviness overtakes you, as hot, searing, intense heat consumes your body yet you remain alive, in agony in this flame!

Day 3 You look around, blinking your eyes to strain, to focus. You reach for the walls, for rocks, for something - for anything to hold onto! But there is nothing. Nothing but darkness. You kick your feet, flailing your arms, until you are too exhausted to move. Too weary to think. Pains of agony shoots through your body. Just when you thought you couldn't endure it any longer, you are faced with another dilema, as you sob in the darkness.

Day 4 You stumble among the sea of faces, of souls as helpless as you. They open their mouths as to speak, but nothing comes out. Only the sounds you hear are the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, of souls crying in the darkness. Your throat feels so dry, parched, like you've been stranded in a desert. What seems like eternity, has only been a few days! What you would give for a sip of water to cool your tongue, but even that simplest request is denied. Your thoughts turn home to your loved ones, what you would do to warn them of this place! Days of your life is replayed in your memory.Tormenting your mind and soul.

Day 5 You are keenly aware that this is your future. The life that you have chosen. What you would give to turn back the hands of time, to accept Jesus'Christ as your Savior! Now you have time - But He has no time for you.

Day 6 It's only been six days since you've been here. What is that in the endless line of eternity ? In the darkness you see a new arrival, its familiar terror in his eyes that asks questions, that no one seems to answer. You open your mouth as to speak but nothing comes out, only groans in the darkness. Eternity stretches out before you as you try to fathom how long forever is. No glow of light. No hope inthe darkness. You begin to beg - to plead with God, but your voice slips into the darkness and is lost. You look around to assess your situation. Your mind laboring to fathom just how long eternity is. Forever is forever, and ever and ever!!! There's no stop, no end to this nightmare! Your body aches. Your soul screams, as yourealize how long you must suffer. Your pleas for help falls on deaf ears. In ten thousand years you will not have accomplished any thing! Not one second less to suffer, than you had ten thousand years ago! In millions of years, you will still have millions upon millions more! You look around - everything's barren not a blade of grass, to bring a smile. You can't imagine being cast into this fiery furnace, to endure it even for a moment longer! Yet Jesus' implies that most people will end up there.

If you don't know Jesus', if you have not accepted Jesus' as your Lord and Savior today please give your life to Him NOW! Wait! The fact you're reading this says you still have a chance to accept Jesus' Christ as your Savior. Scriptures say, (Acts 2:21), and it shall come to pass, that 'whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

"Today is the day of salvation, harden not your hearts

(Romans 10:13). Right now, you can make make peace with God. You can have your sins forgiven and begin a personal relationship with Him. Also, I encourage you to develop a personal relationship with Jesus'Christ by reading the Scriptures and to pray to Him daily/nightly. Talk to Him as you would talk to a dear friend. He desires that closeness and intimacy with you! .
(Isaiah 40:11). He shall feed his flock like a sheperd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

Recommened scripture reading: (Ezek.34:23); (John 10:1); (Heb.13:20); (1 Peter 2:25).

Have a lovely day in Jesus'.

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