Monday, March 15, 2010

Come Deeper

Do you desire for My deep heart to call to the deep places of your heart?
In this season, all you have to do is ask and I will lead you deeper in Me. My depths cannot be fathomed. My rich life is far greater than what you can explore, yes even over the eternities, not to mention this short life you now are living.
Deep calls unto deep, and that deep call is being extended to you My holy people.

Come deeper in the River.
Come deeper in the Spirit.
Come deeper in My love.
Come deeper in your following after Me.
I am asking you to live each day, each moment, as an adventure with Me, as you truly follow Me daily.

Oh, My love! My love, do you hear the Father’s great heart of love to you? You are being prepared and as you answer the call to the deep, you are being prepared more and more for our great wedding day: the day of our eternal union in heaven.

My love, My desire is toward you and My heart of love desires to be with you for all eternity. The Father is preparing you, as you yield to the wooing of the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to watch over you, to keep vigil over you, to impart needed grace and mercy to continue coming deeper and deeper into His love.

We will now run together, as you yield your heart to The Father. We will now run together through the villages, ministering grace and life to all that will receive it.

Do you desire what I desire, My love, My beautiful bride-to-be?

I desire you to be arrayed in splendor. I desire you to be clean and ready and willing. I will do the rest. The Father will watch over you and as you continue following after Me, we will run together.

All grace is prepared for you, My love.
All grace is more than what you need.
All grace is what is available to you, as you follow Me into the deep.
Shallow waters are for the tiny children, but the deep waters are for true lovers.

Come deep, My love, come deep, surrendering the innermost parts to My cleansing power and grace. The world will say you are crazy. The religious spirit will want to kill you. But My heart of love is toward you, for you desire the things that I desire and you yearn to be closer to Me.

Welcome to the depths, My faithful bride-to-be.
Welcome to what you were created for.
Come, follow after Me, run after Me, chase after Me and we will run through the villages together, bearing great fruit for the Father, together.

Behold that I am doing new things, many new things, at this time. The church is being revamped. Missions and outreach and all the forms and expressions of the church are being redone.

Some would resist what I am doing, but I tell you that all that has been in the past is past. It is past. It is passing away. All is becoming new as The Father keeps vigil in the night.

Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. Yield to the new day that is upon you. Allow all things to become new. Come deeper and accept what I am doing in the earth.

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