Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where Is 'Sarah' from FLDS?

SAN ANGELO, Texas - Where is the girl?

Thirteen days have passed since Texas authorities entered a polygamous sect’s ranch in Eldorado and removed every child living there, but they still do not know if they have the 16-year-old whose calls for help moved them to act.

And there are questions about whether she really exists.

“It’s all a farce,” says Annette, one FLDS woman whose children are in state custody.

Says Donna: “They searched. Did they find her?”

Skeptics point to a number of problems with the caller’s story, which Texas authorities acknowledge was key to the dramatic raid. No call for help, no raid.

FLDS women who were in state shelters with their children until Monday say investigators appeared desperate to find “Sarah” and were grilling girls by that name.

There also are discrepancies between what the girl said about her “spiritual husband” and what is known about the man later named in the search and arrest warrant first used to enter the YFZ Ranch, owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Authorities say a girl named Sarah made a series of telephone calls to the crisis line at NewBridge Family Shelter on March 29 and March 30.

In those calls, the girl talked of becoming the seventh wife of a 50-year-old man named “Dale” and conceiving her first child when she was 15, according to affidavits used to get the first search warrant. In a later call, she seemed to indicate he had three other wives living at the ranch.

She described being beaten by her husband, once so badly she needed treatment at a hospital for broken ribs.

The girl said she was pregnant and wanted to leave the ranch but had been warned of the dangers of the outside world and threatened with being locked up. She also said her parents, who lived out of state, were planning to send her younger sister to the ranch.

Two women who have worked with teens leaving the FLDS sect - Joni Holm of Utah and Flora Jessop of Arizona - say Sarah is real.


What's worse is having to wake up every day after your children were kidnapped from you and wonder if they'll ever be coming back...or if they'll be sent to foster homes of Worldly sinners or someone who might really abuse them.

That's the nightmare the mothers of those 400 children, taken from the "polygamists compound", are having every night.

We should pray for them.

Regardless of whether they are wrong or right.

I don't condone the practice of polygamy, but if it's illegal, then why isn't adultery (it used to be),?

I'll tell you why...because if they admit that adultery is illegal then they'll have to admit that a woman does not have a right to do whatever she wants with her own body. Then they would not have an argument against why abortion should be illegal.

But polygamy is almost always committed by men.
Hmmm, seems to be a double standard to me...!?

I do not say that these people are innocent of any wrong doing. But i
saw some of them on the news and those woman looked very modest and
seemed very humble and godly (wish i had had a mother like that!).

And the accusations against them seem fabricated.. .
http://www.religion newsblog. com/21184/ flds-75

Do you know that many people consider the Amish to be child abusers? Not for physical abuse, but they have had a history of keeping their children out of public high schools, and their communities are heavily inbred...the result is many deformities amongst their offspring.

Many call them a cult too. They live in secular communities and dress "strange". They don't believe in modern material possessions.  Isn't it funny that they always think of a cult as being a small group? When the two largest cults in the World are Islam and Roman Catholicism.  American Heritage® Dictionary: Description of cult NOUN: 1a. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with itsfollowers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

And before you say, "Roman Catholics - a cult!!!?". Ask yourself if you go to bed at night with prayer beads, praying to and for the dead, bow and pray to idols, and worship a man that wears a red dress, a fish shaped hat, and heads an organization of millions, who for many centuries has hid convent brothels and sexual predators as pastors/priests.
Yes. It is a the extreme!

But we know the government is really going after these groups because they are secularists. They don't want to "conform" to the rest of society (neither do i)...which is being taken over by a hybrid Roman Catholic-Nazi- Jihad government.

So don't be surprised if the humble Amish (and Hutterites), are high on their hit list.

And i wouldn't be surprised if Ron Paul supporters are somewhere on that list as well...!?
Waco will seem like a Sunday picnic compared to what's coming. Let's pray and get right with God.

God bless.

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