Monday, April 7, 2008

Open Your Eyes!

If someone asks if you're aware of God--What will you say?

Maybe you'd reply, "I go to church, read my Bible, and pray all the time. I'm definitely aware of God."

But the real question is this:
Are you aware of God's presence and activity in your daily life?

This second question makes it a bit more personal, doesn't it?
It refers to God being in our daily lives all the time.

We'd like to have that constant awareness of God's presence.
But it's difficult.

When hardships and trials come from nowhere, we sometimes feel confused.
We may feel like God has left us so alone.

During difficult times, we might pray even harder and longer.
We plead for help, but see little result.

The problem is that our prayers usually revolve around our desires.
Even when communicating with God, we may be aware only of ourselves, leaving the Lord out of the matter entirely.

At that point-
We may find we're not really talking to the Father at all.
We're talking to ourselves!

Perhaps we're focusing on the problem and actually wishing for the ability to handle it on our own.
We can, in effect, become completely blind to how God may be working.

Read Second Kings 6:15-17.
You will get a clear picture of what happens when we remove our self-centered blinders and truly see God's hand at work.

Open your eyes!
You may be shocked to discover the help God has already sent your way.

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