Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Precious Church

My precious Church, I have already opened portals above many of your lives, but many of you are not looking to Me and resting in Me, but looking for 'answers'. These portals, these open doors are not found by looking for them but are found by seeking Me and continually looking into My eyes, to know Me more.

I love you My Church, I am moulding you into a beautiful bride, but many of you are not looking at Me, but are looking away from Me to manifestations. I am not calling you to grow deeper in love with manifestations, answers and open doors, I am calling you to fall more deeply in love with Me.

My Church, I desire much for you. I desire great and mighty moves of My Spirit within your midsts but many of you have locked Me out of your congregations and hearts by being distracted by manifestations, answers and open doors. It is out of the overflow of knowing Me, that you will find your deliverance, freedom, peace and open doors. For I will not release many of you through the open doors that you are seeking when you are not ready. Because of My Great love for you, I want you to be properly prepared, pruned and ready for the task which I will release to you. If I release answers and open doors to you before the perfect timing it will do you more harm than good.

All that you will ever need My Church is contained in Me, there is nothing that I have forgotten to provide for you, everything is already provided. The enemy is coming in like a theif in many of your lives lately and it trying to steal from you the very things that I am releasing upon your lives. Many of you are facing tremendous discouragement, and that is because I use you and will use you greatly in the area of encouragement. Many of you are being greatly attacked in your physical body, because that is the very area I am going to use you in - healing. Many of you are being greatly attacked by demonic spirits, that is because I am going to use you in the area of deliverance.

You have the authority Church to rise up and squash the head of the enemy through the price I have already paid for each of you. New anointings, new breezes of My Spirit, new revelations of My grace and truth being are released upon those who are seeking Me, it is happening now, it is happening NOW, it is HAPPENING NOW.

I am looking for those who are willing to seek My face and My heart without ever knowing the answers that they are seeking for, for you may never know, but are you willing to seek Me wholeheartedly despite not receiving that which you are seeking? For the goal and focus of My heart for you is to see you grow in love for Me, and grow in knowing who I am, and who you are in Me.

The portals that are open above many of you are only activated as you rest in knowing who I am and seeking to know My heart, not to gain your answers, but because you are deeply in love with Me. Church, the transition time is happening, the wheels are moving, the journey has already begun. Many of you are already moving forward and being released and the time that you are walking of waiting and preparing is a time to snuggle closer into My heart and know Me more.

For there is no use going forth in My name and doing My works if you know not My heart.

Lay down your 'needing' to know, and just come and delight in Me, come and feast upon My Word and rest knowing that you will know when the time is right. Of course I want each of you to continue to talk with Me and tell Me your hearts desires but when these desires and the need to know is overtaking your time with Me, and knowing Me, then you must lay it down and return back to your lifesource.

Too many are running around calling out My name, and proclaiming great things and not spending the time to know My heart and this indeed grieves Me. I am continually rising up inviduals who passionately pursue My presence and know who I am and what is on My heart, daily receiving the manna from heaven.

I love you My Church, I love you! You are My Bride, and I want what is best for you. The scales have been tipped too far one way, with My Church "needing to know" all the time, now is the time to set the balance straight and seek Me above all else. Then all else will be added unto you.


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