Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your Deliverance Is At Hand

Now I know that our God is greater than all other gods, because he rescued those who were treated so arrogantly.  Exodus 18:11

My holy people; I am watching over you and love you compassionately. I have heard your heart cries and I am resolved to put your enemies under your feet.

My love, My precious bride-to-be, there have been those that have set their hearts to come against and even to destroy My anointed in this hour. Many are hidden around you: at your job, in your families and yes even in your churches. I tell you the truth, these shall no longer prosper, but instead their folly shall be revealed to all. For they have plotted to exalt themselves and to drag those I love down. Jealousy has polluted their hearts.

Not all is as it seems. Many that are evil think they are good and many that are good think they are evil. Do not rejoice in what happens to your enemies, instead rejoice that your name is written in the book of life. Allow Me to usher in healing and restoration throughout your life. For this is a time in which I am ushering in healing into and through you, My holy people. Now is the time many have waited and watched for. I tell you the truth … it is upon you even now.

Keep your eyes focused on Me. Watch what I am doing. Wait for My movements. Your deliverance from these powerful enemies is at hand. Watch as I erase the work of your enemies and establish you in the place of blessing. Rejoice in what I am doing My holy people. Rejoice in what I am doing, even in your midst. For those enemies that have been too powerful for you, are right now being defeated and ushered out of your jurisdiction/territory.

New hearts, new souls, new bodies … all to My glory and fame. These are the things I am doing in the Kingdom right now. I am giving new hearts for those who have been broken hearted for so long. I am giving new souls to those who have been tempted and tried for so long. I am giving new bodies to those who have carried the scars of iniquity for so long. I am doing these things and I have set My Great Heart to do it without exception, for this is a mighty work that I am doing at this time.

What I am doing … some will never realize or recognize it. That’s fine, My love. For what I am doing is centered around the heart and there are many who have no feeling whatsoever in their heart any longer. The healing that I am bringing will bring a remedy for this, for I will restore passion in the heart of My beautiful bride-to-be. No longer restrained by the shackles of the enemy, you will worship Me with even greater exuberance and life. All to My glory and fame.

Seek Me. Find Me. Follow Me. Receive your long awaited deliverance today.

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