Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cry Out To Me

10 He rescued us from such deadly peril, and he will rescue us again! The one in whom we have placed our hope will indeed continue to rescue us. 11 And you must add your help by praying for us; for the more people there are praying, the more people there will be to give thanks when their prayer for us is answered.
2 Corinthians 1:10-11
There is a great power in agreeing together in prayer. No enemy can conquer My Church as they join together in prayer, believing Me and following Me. No foe is too big. No challenge too strong. My love, My precious bride-to-be as you join together agreeing in prayer, I hear and I answer in power.
The time of great grace is at hand. No matter what is upon your heart. No matter how much you are pressured by the enemy. No matter what obstacles stand in the way. Look to Me for your answer. Trust Me with the entirety of your burden. I love you. I really love you and I will answer the heart cries of you, My holy people. I will answer your heart cries and My Great Name shall be glorified.
Today is the day of salvation. Not some time way off in the future. Cry out today. Expect Me to answer today. For as you cry out to Me, you are trusting Me to carry the burden, to answer and to redeem. Do not cry out alone. Share your burden with others. Ask for their prayers. Ask for their intercessions. For this is My design. My Church stands together. Not alone but together. This is how your hearts are knit together. This is how you are made strong while you are yet weak. My strength is made perfect in you as together you cry out to Me. As you lay the burden at My feet … not just for yourselves, but for others in the Church.

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