Saturday, November 14, 2009


But the word of God grew and multiplied. Act 12:24

My holy people, do not be discouraged by the ranting of the world, for even amongst the clamor and noise that is generated, there will come a clear sound of deliverance as My Word is shared and My Testimony is trumpeted.

People do not have the power to disillusion you. Devils do not have the power to intimidate you. Rulers do not have the power to confine you. For you are Mine and I tell you that you have much power that the enemy does not have at his disposal.

My holy people, you have the power to inspire, not just motivate, but you have the power to inspire. You can inspire others to do great things in My Kingdom. Not ordinary things, but great things. As you share at My direction, people are inspired for a lifetime. Motivation lasts for a short while. Inspiration lasts a lifetime.

You, My holy people, as you go into the fullness of My Presence, become My brilliant ones, capable of inspiring the nations for Me. Do not give up. Do not get weighed down. Keep seeking Me with all your heart.

As you do this, I will come and recharge you. I will boost your power and make you able to truly follow Me, inspiring many along the way.

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