Monday, November 30, 2009

Antichrist Has Arisen...?

First EU President Ignites Speculation
By Terry James
Bible Prophecy Today
...As you are more than likely aware, the Antichrist has arisen from a little-known position of Belgium Prime Minister (and from a position of almost total obscurity) to be appointed as the new president of the European Union.
Herman Van Rompuy is the newly appointed EU president and will assume that role as from the 1st of December 2010...Van Rompuy is a Bilderberger and attended one of their meetings before his appointment, where he met and was instructed by Henry Kissinger. Don’t be fooled by his quirky looks, as it seems to have been Satan’s deliberate intention for his son/representative here on the earth to have the appearance of a harmless old man. But we all know what he is, and what he is going to be capable of.
With all due respect, it would now seem that because the Antichrist has now been revealed and appointed, the possibility of the pre-tribulation theory of the rapture as being correct is looking more and more remote. There may be some hope for the pre-tribulation theory of the rapture... as being correct but I am extremely doubtful...
[If the Antichrist has come forth] then after having received his crown he will start WW [III] by attacking the U.S. The U.S. and her citizens should really begin to prepare now for a time not too far away when the missiles of the Antichrist begin to rain down over your cities. See Revelation Chapter 18 describing the destruction of the U.S. That may be the reason your personal liberties are being deliberately eroded, so from out of the chaos that is sure to be a result of this assault, some semblance of order may be maintained...

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