Friday, April 2, 2010

Speak My Words To Them

You are to speak my words to them, whether they listen or not, for they are very rebellious. Ezekiel 2:7

My holy people; there are many of you that are prophetically gifted. You have the Holy Spirit gift of prophecy that allows you to speak My Son’s testimony in the midst. This is a precious gift yet it is one that many hate with fervor. For you speak the truth. Many hate the truth: for the truth confronts and the truth requires that people make a change and that causes many to rise up and strike out at you.

That is nothing new. They have done it throughout history. What does it mean? It means they are very rebellious. It means that there are many very rebellious people in My church. I have sent you into their midst to confront their rebellion and to cause them to wake up and make a change. Simply put, few will listen, few will make the needed change, most do not listen and they strike out at the messenger, rather than heeding My words and making a change.

Do you understand that I love them too? I am not terrible to you, but I am using you to reach out to the rebellious ones, in hopes that they will turn from their rebellion, back to Me.

You have been given My more than sufficient grace. You need it. Drink it. Partake of it. Soak in it and receive it more and more and more. For I am not done sending you to My rebellious ones. This is simply a respite, a time to gather strength for greater battles ahead. Be healed of the hurts. For these hurts were not necessary. Protect your heart. Do not strike back at the rebellious ones. No, like My Son prayed, pray for them: Father forgive them , for they do not know what they are doing! As you continue to pray for them and realize that repentance is a gift, just like the gift of prophecy is a gift. You do not have the capacity in yourself, but you have the capacity in Me. Protect your heart. Reach out and I will heal it. Reach out and receive My healing balm today. Reach out and take back all that the enemy has stolen. Receive and rest in My more than sufficient grace to heal today. You need some R&R … receive and rest today.

You are to speak My words to them, whether they listen or not. Did you hear that? Whether they listen or not, you must continue to speak My words to them, for without My words, there is no avenue for change to come in their lives. My words break through barriers and there are some that do hear and are struck to the heart and do repent and turn around. Keep speaking My words.

Do not speak your own words, but fearlessly speak My own words, for they cause a shattering, a breaking and a smashing of all that is false. My words cut straight to the point. Some would say they are difficult to understand … even these are slow to hear and slow to learn. Keep speaking My words, for they are themselves a gift of My more than sufficient grace to be received and rested in. My words must be spoken. Deliver them with passion and watch My purposes unfold before you. Speak clearly and speak without regard to their faces. Instead, seek My face alone. Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. What you hear in secret, speak boldly before all.

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