Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Lives Within Us

God digs deep in us. With each digging, the soil of our soul is turned over, aerated where Spirit fills with sweet healing breath, ready to spring forth life. Each of us experiences loss in profoundly personal and different ways.
The teaching, the jewels of Life, are found in those deep dark crevices. If only we let Him dig for them.
The suffering and the glory, so bound up with each other that we don't know where one begins and the other ends. This is the mystery, the celebration, the death and resurrection.

Thank You for the gift of HOPE You gave us on Easter morning. Because of You we know that no problem is too difficult.
And even death does not have power over us.
Thank You for the gift of JOY You gave us when You were resurrected. Because of You we know that no matter how challenging life may be, In the end we will rejoice again.
We celebrate You, JESUS, with hearts full of praise and gratitude, for who You are and all You've done for us!

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