Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Guillotines Make Sense Now!

The DEADLY THREAT to Christianity in America
by Pamela Schuffert
February 9, 2009

Some things are already a foregone conclusion regarding what we can expect from certain people groups under the upcoming NEW WORLD ORDER world globalist/communist agenda for America. A tragic yet major truth is that THE JEWS AS A RELIGIOUS GROUP SEEK TO PLAY A MAJOR ROLE in the rounding up and actual terminating of Christians under martial law. PROOF: THE NOAHIDE LAWS. Their completely JEWISH NOAHIDE LAWS have this part of the foreseeable future of what to expect in this nation under coming WORLD GLOBALISM/NWO. The NOAHIDE LAWS require TOOLS OF BEHEADING to enforce their dictates.

Millions of MODERN GUILLOTINES, now documented and confirmed to be present throughout America, are the perfect tools to fulfill their agenda. Standing as deadly and powerful mute evidence are these millions of MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES stored in numerous military bases, evidenced by military men coming out to BLOW THE WHISTLE on their secret training in top secret facilities like the partially underground building in Fort Lewis, WA.

The only purpose of these modern death-by-decapitation weapons is to terminate NWO resisters (in this case, the CHRISTIANS who refuse to renounce JESUS CHRIST AS DIVINE AND MESSIAH) as dictated by their Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS. The NOAHIDE LAWS have been written up by the fanatical militant Orthodox Jewish organization LUBAVITCH CHABAD of Brooklyn, NY. Lubavitch pushed these NOAHIDE LAWS into being signed into legislation under NWO Bush, Sr.

Under these NOAHIDE LAWS directed at non-Jews, Gentiles/Christians can be ordered EXECUTED for breaking THREE of their SEVEN LAWS. The two pertaining directly to CHRISTIAN FREEDOM OF WORSHIP are:-"BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" "IDOLATRY"Both, of course by THEIR JEWISH DEFINITION. According to traditional Jewish/Pharisaical teachings and doctrines, Jesus Christ was guilty of BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD when He declared after being arrested and brought before their rabbinical court, that HE WAS the SON OF GOD. They responded with, "You have HEARD HIS BLASPHEMY...what do you say???"And the response was, "HE IS GUILTY OF DEATH!" And we know that Jesus was then led away to be crucified. Furthermore, their definition of "IDOLATRY" is for Christians to declare that Jesus Christ is GOD IN THE FLESH, or IMMANUEL, "GOD WITH US." To worship Jesus Christ as Divine, and to declare HE IS THE SON OF GOD, are both considered by modern day Jews to be CRIMES WORTHY OF EXECUTION, according to the dictates of THE NOAHIDE LAWS.

Many researchers of the upcoming NWO agenda for America believe that is a definite reason behind the deliberate placement of many dual-citizenship Jews into high positions of power, including in the White House, the Pentagon, the Intelligence Community and in HOMELAND SECURITY. Such Jews include Michael Chertoff, Orthodox Jew. For those Jews in various positions of control and power in agencies such as HOMELAND SECURITY, with the power to imprison and ultimately terminate those who end up in their HS detention camps nationwide, the question must be asked: HOW DO YOU RELATE TO THE NOAHIDE LAWS and the many modern guillotines now in place across this nation to execute offenders of these decidedly JEWISH RELIGION-based laws, directed primarily against THE CHRISTIANS??? It is far PAST time for the Christians of America to wake up to the PLANNED PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH, and to begin to decide how to effectively counter this deadly antichrist NWO agenda aimed against not only their freedoms, but their VERY LIVES. Research, coupled with PRAYER, is a major key to understanding and THEN doing something practical and effeective against this deadly and very real threat to our freedoms and our lives.

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