Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trust Me

This is a word that the Lord gave me in Sept. but I was not to release until tonight. I believe that this is because of the election results.

There is a whirlwind that would try to pull you down. Look not at the funnel and darkness before you. I will lift you up over it, over the darkness and into My light, My everlasting light. The winds may blow and there will be devastation around you in the coming days but you will not be pulled down. I will take you higher.
I am releasing My mercy upon you. Let Me love you more. Be not afraid! Draw near! I am with you even in the dark and hard times. I am shedding My light on the path before you but it will only show the path for a short distance. You will need to trust Me. Trust Me more than you have ever trusted Me.
I am preparing the way. As you trust Me more I will show you more of what is to come. Though there will be changes, both big and small, they will fulfill My purpose and draw you closer to Me. Trust Me!
Given to Carylann Hartley Sept. 2008

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