Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Open Letter To POTUS Barack Obama By Cynthia J. Quinn

 Dear Barack Obama,
As the last of the bikers disappeared from the streets of our nation’s capitol on 9/11, your overactive propaganda machine immediately attempted to sweep the widely successful Bikers March under the progressive political rug. Where was the non-stop coverage, the interviews, the photographed iconic still shots? Where were the newspapers with their front pages headlining this important national event? Where were the fickle politicians who normally love to steal the limelight and flash their teeth whitened smiles? Should I be surprised, Barack, that in the Marxist Land of Nod, your state run gaggle of media were found yawning at their desks during the Bikers March? 
The patriotic bikers who rode into town that September day in a dauntless display of gutsy glory left a lasting impression in the American conscience that will continue to warm the cockles of the hearts of this nations citizens for many months to come. The Bikers March was an embattled cry that “We the People” refuse to put up with a minority group intent on changing America for their own selfish intentions and foreign religious doctrine. The baseless “Million Muslim March” quickly melted and disintegrated from the extreme heat of the patriotic torch that our bikers so gallantly ignited and held high for all to see.The Statue of Liberty grew a foot taller with pride that day and our American flag flew more brilliantly in the breezy blue Washington D.C. sky. In an attempt to dampen the mission and passionate spirit of the Bikers March, the necessary permit to caravan past the Veterans Memorials in a gesture of respect and honor to our fallen troops was at the last minute denied.Your government ploy to suppress and hopefully discourage the committed bikers did not succeed and in spite of the rebuff, they roared on with increased resolve. Barack, your hand-picked Judas’s who denied the well-intentioned request had better get used to the idea that God will probably deny them the necessary permit to share the heavenly realms of his kingdom with the same brave heroes they arrogantly managed to snub. God does not easily hand out permits either.
Barack, you may wonder why the Bikers March was so uniquely special and profoundly different from all the other demonstrations that have taken place in Washington D.C. in recent memory. The simple explanation can be found in the many untampered history books that recount the heroic stories of hundreds of selfless patriots who fought for America’s freedom and whose philosophy was to “live free or die.” In short, the commonality between our leaders of the past and the evident backbone of the biker movement was simple; courageous conviction. Over 800,000 freedom loving American bikers took a bold stand based on principles and values, and courageous conviction oozed out of every drop of sweat on their determined brows. Uncompromising aplomb rumbled and roared on that sparkly sunny September day and resounded loudly in the belly of middle America, making its ecstatic citizens wish the day long demonstration of patriotism would never end. The Bikers March was an astounding display of pent up emotion and, like a scorned lover who has been jilted too many times, “We the People” suddenly fell in love all over again. Our racing hearts skipped a beat and tears of joy trickled down our faces as we all felt the same intense hope of a new dawn, the rising of a new day refreshed with revitalized optimism for a better America
That same courage of conviction that our bikers defined so well, is the missing piece to the current bureaucratic puzzle, the piece that must be put back into place in order to unite this great nation. Unfortunately for us Barack, you and the other bureaucrats in our nation’s capitol make your decisions and resulting legislative actions by holding wet pointer fingers up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing on that particular day. You base and guide opinions on the latest rigged liberal polls that reflect the desires of the minorities and illegal immigrants who have been tagged as potential partisan voters. You do not pray to God for wise direction as our forefathers did and instead seem eager to remove him from all public discourse. 
As you and your fellow Marxists are fully aware, the devil finds a ready home in the vacuous empty minds of listless souls who do not actively exercise their Judeo-Christian beliefs. Knowing that, your scheming government is intent on placing a stifling spiritual  stranglehold on America’s wayward sheeple by subsidizing them with the latest false idols meant to hypnotize and placate. Most good Americans, however, abhor your atheistic ideology and are cringing while watching you build your Tower of Babel out of man-made materials instead of the more desirable and durable God- made materials. While building this monument to yourself, you Barack, are sacrificing the sovereignty of America with your selfish treasonous acts. That is where Americans draw the red line and with courage and conviction will see to it that your ill conceived tower of deception will crumble and fall.
The Bikers March trumpeted the beginning of a new movement, a new sense of responsibility that fully recognizes the seriousness and grave danger of a society that does not care enough to “live free or die.” We will remain true in our public actions, just as we remain true in our personal actions because we know that God cannot be fooled. Cowardice saps the courage of other good people so we will remain strong and fearless. God has taught us to trust him and to “be not afraid” and we will be emboldened and protected by his almighty promise and shield of faith. Our power will be based on truth, virtue, and the perseverance and desire to save America for our children and future generations. 
America is an exceptional nation and those of us who take our sole direction from God know that we are extremely blessed to be alive in this important “season” in time, that we are the harbingers who will issue in a new chapter in the history of the United States of America. With great resolve, we will once again restore this blessed land from sea to shining sea and faithfully pledge our allegiance under God. We will fulfill our purpose and ordinary citizens will become extraordinary ones. The famous quote by Japanese Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor says it all,  “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.” The Bikers March is only the beginning.
Cynthia J Quinn

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