Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Bad Moon Rising-CCR

“Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we’re in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye.”
~John Fogarty, Credence Clearwater Revival, A Bad Moon Rising
It certainly looks as if world events are funneling us toward a horrific end to a way of life most of us in my age group and older at one time referred to as life in these United States.
The inmates are running the asylum and criminals have taken over our government. Children graduate from schools, even so-called institutes of higher learning, with life skills in extremely short supply with the exception of knowing how “to feel” about almost everything.
Our Constitution is a fictional myth, seldom if ever adhered to, especially by those who swear a sacred oath to uphold and defend.
Exams are required to become certified in many fields of endeavor, but even though a sacred oath to the Constitution is required of all elected and appointed government officials, in all cases being the primary one, there is no qualification exam to determine the extent of knowledge they possess in what in actuality is their most important job. If there were, the great majority of those in the laughable profession of government service, especially those in black gowns and those wearing badges, would have a difficult time graduating from Constitution Kindergarten.
When a conservative giant in the legal profession, Antonin Scalia, states constitutional issues are decided by the side with the most powerful army and a local cop believes all that is required to search a person or their home is “reasonable suspicion,” the simple basics of constitutional governance are shot to hell.
When a right-wing Supreme Court Justice believes universal health care is a tax and a Marxist Socialist president believes all that is required to perpetrate a war on those who have not attacked us is his say so; what is and what is not constitutional is subject to the whims of criminals and idiots.
When an administrator in our local schools becomes apoplectic at the thought of a student defending his/herself from an unprovoked attack by another student and defines such an act as “escalating the violence,” and a local cop believes driving around taking pictures of license tags of visiting bikers is somehow protecting us citizens, we have lost our collective minds and do not understand the concept of “Natural Rights” such as those enumerated in our Declaration of Independence.
When an act of defending one’s self from an attack by a teenage gang-banger in Florida is “racist” because the person who defended themself was of another skin pigmentation, but the horrible death, burning and dismemberment of a young man and his girlfriend in Knoxville, Tennessee by four criminals of the same skin pigmentation as the gang-banger in Florida is not racist, there is no sanity in our country.
When our government feels it necessary to strip search elderly women and check formula bottles of infants before they can board a plane and that by doing so they are protecting us citizens from acts of terrorism, but believes allowing tens of thousands of potential terrorists to simply walk across our unprotected borders is “progressive” thinking, we are collectively insane.
When we have cities in this country with a no-tolerance level for public firearms ownership, several of which where hundreds are killed and thousands wounded each year from gunshot wounds and the idea is discussed and voted upon that the way to end the violence is to disarm the law-abiding citizens of this country and place them at the mercy of armed criminals and corrupt cops, the Bad Moon has risen.
When elements within our government believe no one should be allowed to possess so-called assault weapons, yet these same governmental idiots freely engage in providing criminal gangs with these same weapons and then tell lies about doing so that 4 year olds would not believe, the inmates are definitely running the asylum.
When government employees wearing badges can perpetrate acts of violence and criminality with total impunity, but the citizens of their particular jurisdiction are saddled with huge monetary awards because of those criminal acts, true justice and individual responsibility for one’s actions are a pipe-dream.
When a professional soldier of several decades realizes that the great majority of those he was forced to kill in battle had more honor and integrity in the tip of one finger than the vast majority of government employees and politicians in our country today, the Bad Moon is full and has reached its apex.
by Mike Gaddy via FreeWestRadio

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