Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Rosh Hashanah

When Rosh Hashana begins at sunset today, it will be the earliest time Jews celebrate the New Year since 1899. This year, Jews welcome the year 5774. Rosh Hashana, observed from sundown today through Friday, is a holiday marking the creation of the world when Jews start a period of introspection prayer and inner transformation.
Rosh Hashana opens with the blow of the shofar or ram’s horn. Rabbi Zalman Borenstein of Chabad of Merrimack Valley said there is a deep long sound, followed by three other blows ending with smaller sounds. “It’s almost like the reflection of a person crying from a small sob to screaming,” he said. “Blowing the shofar is from the depth of our soul and a feeling coming from inside of us.”

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