Friday, October 7, 2011

A Radical Warrior

My holy people, repairs are being made. Repairs to the wall, repairs to broken down ruins. Repairs to the generational decay that has occurred in and amongst you, My holy people. These repairs will not be made by angels. These repairs will not be done by themselves. Instead, it will require the efforts of many. Each has a part to play, some rebuilding work to do.  Some will be close to the ruins, others far away. But all will have a job to do and this is the first step in building the relationships I have on My Great Heart to build.

You see, to do what is needed, you need others to get the job done. You cannot complete it by yourself. You need to do this work of repair together. But before you can do something, there need to be serious and long term relationships built between those doing the work. I am building an army of people, who will march to the same cadence, shouldering the responsibility to do the work and to fight as needed. You need one another. More importantly, you need serious and long term relationships between one another before any significant progress is made.
There are many that want to do exploits in My Name, but there are but a few that desire to build as is upon My Great Heart. I have raised up fathers that understand the importance of serious and long term relationships so that what is repaired does not fall into ruin again. I am building people who will work together, pray together, serve together and fight together. This is a team, an army, a radical set of warriors capable of leaping walls, conquering enemies and taking territory. At the heart of this band of mighty ones is relationship. A willingness to work for one another, even die for one another.
When you pray My Kingdom come, My will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven ... understand this. Father, Son, Holy Spirit ... all in perfect relationship, demonstrated, commanded, living, moving. That's how I want My radical band of mighty ones to be. I want them to be just like I am ... in perfect relationship: serious and long term.
Serious, because moving in My Kingdom is serious business. It is not just life changing, it is life saving. Life and death hang in the balance. Eternal consequences and eternal benefits. Such is the weight of things in My Kingdom. Relationship must be serious. My Kingdom is serious ... full of life and full of splendor, but first and foremost, it is serious. I gave everything to give you access to My Kingdom. I did all that was required so you could see, enter into and move in My Kingdom. The whole point of life in Me, is so we can run together, partnering in My Kingdom, fulfilling Father's great desire to see His wanderers come home and live at rest in Him. Nothing more serious than the Kingdom ministry of reconciliation that has been given to you. Only serious relationship can birth such a thing. Only serious relationships will be committed to stand with one another, through thick and thin.
Long term, because in My Kingdom, everything has an eternal aspect. The world is temporary. My Kingdom is eternal. Eternity is long term. It is not here one moment and gone the next. My Kingdom is eternal and it lasts. It is just like our relationship. Once you become Mine, you have access to Me any time you need Me. If you find yourself unable to visit with Me, it is not because I have withdrawn Myself. Instead, it is because you have withdrawn from Me. Returning to Me is such a simple thing. That is what repentance is all about. It is returning to the highest place in Me. Have you had greater fellowship at some time in your life than you do right now? Then repent, return to the highest place in Me. Return to My Great Heart and all will be well again. It is a simple repentance away.
So you see, serious and long term relationships really are the building blocks of My Kingdom. You may say that you do not have many serious and long term relationships. I tell you, those are the ones I am involved with and I desire most of all that you grow in genuinely serious and long term relationships. The number of serious and long term relationships you have demonstrate My Kingdom at work in and through you. This is My Kingdom coming and My will being done, on earth, just like it is in heaven. Do you understand?  It really is quite simple.
So don't waste your time with things that do not produce My Kingdom in your life. Rebuild the ancient ruins, rebuild the waste cities ... together. With serious and long term relationships, anything is possible. Every person has a part to play. Every single person is important in this rebuilding work. Work together, support each other, provide for each other, fight side by side and yes even stand with one another; in good times and in difficult times. For My Kingdom, become my Radical Warrior!

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