Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Harvest Is At Hand

My holy people; such is the splendor of My glory, for it will indeed shine again upon all those who have survived the purging and the cleansing of this time. The splendor of My glory will shine upon those who at this time arise from the mundane of what can be seen with earthly eyes and done with worldly hands. The splendor of My glory will surpass all that you may have hoped for, dreamed for, and yes even planned for.
In a moment, the splendor of My glory will change what was into what I have hoped for. My Kingdom is coming in ways you have not even suspected, nor dare dreamed. For the testing times have caused many to lose hope. Do not lose hope because of My cleansing and My purging. Instead, rejoice, for the splendor of My glory will change everything.
I am the God of all grace. This grace will be poured out and the tsunami flood of it shall set in motion the greatest harvest known. It will rise so high that a shadow will be seen. The approach of My grace will be like a shade, the splendor of My glory shall have substance, and there will be salvation, freedom and equipping as you had never hoped. I will change everything.
For a long time now, there have only been momentary releases of My grace. In those momentary releases you have experienced much already. You have experienced My love. You have experienced My fellowship. You have experienced My healing. You have experienced My deliverance. You have experienced My leading. You have experienced My guidance. You have experienced My Great Heart. And you have experienced My Great love for My beautiful bride-to-be.
Now you will experience something that you have not known how to put into words. You will now experience Me and My fullness. For all that has gone before have only been shadows, the approach of the splendor of My glory. Now, the splendor of My glory will shine brilliantly, and the tsunami of My grace shall flow like a tangible river. No longer will momentary manifestations of My anointing be sufficient. For I will now dwell fully in and through those who will yield to Me.
No longer will it be about this ministry and that work and this outreach and that church fellowship. No longer will it be about this manifestation of My grace at work and that manifestation of My grace at work. Now it will be about Me and how I am working, how I am moving, how I am saving, how I am delivering, how I am setting free, how I am healing and how My grace, without measure is seen in operation through those who yield fully to Me.
Many of you have allowed Me to break your hearts about those to whom I have sent you. You have seen brief glimpses of My grace flow out and it has thrilled your heart. It has become life to you. I tell you, this was but a glimpse. No matter how successful you felt it was, no matter how glorious you considered it ... it was just a shadow, just a glimpse, of what I am now going to do. For I am going to bless those who yield to Me, for My Kingdom comes to those who have allowed Me to break their hearts, who have allowed Me to become more than their dreams and their hopes. I am become the breaker of the wall and what has separated My glory from this world you live in, is about to fall down. Before there have been peep holes of My glory, but now My glory will be seen clearly and My power manifest fully to and through those who will yield to Me.
It is now time to prepare yourselves for the glory that is about to come. Many are already experiencing the rising tide of My grace at work, but remember, what you are experiencing is just a shadow, just a glimpse, of what I am about to do. Hang on to Me, for there is coming a shaking and a release of My glory so profound that many will not recognize Me in it, rather they will run and hide and lose out on the greatest visitation that has ever occurred in the world. Prepare to receive all of the grace I have apportioned to you. Prepare to receive the splendor of My glory I am about to reveal. Prepare to receive and move with Me, running through the villages, picking choice fruits together for Father.
Oh, My love, My precious bride-to-be, I am about to turn your sorrow into joy, your crying into rejoicing, your long waiting into joyful celebration. The wave of My grace is fast approaching. Welcome Me with open arms as I transform everything that you will allow Me to touch into a mirror shining brilliantly, showing the splendor of My glory to all those around the earth. All nations will rejoice and see My glory, My grace and My working. Come away with Me, My love. Our time is fast approaching.
Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. Be and become all that is upon My Great Heart.

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