Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God's Word Is The Joy Of My Heart...

Many years ago I began a pilgrimage to know God, and that pilgrimage continues to this day. I don't know Him today as well as I want or should, but I know Him better today than I did twenty-five years ago. I know Him better today than I did one year ago. I am growing in my knowledge of God, and I say without hesitation or qualification that knowing God is my joy and reason for living. 
He is . . .
 ·        the Wind beneath my wings,
 ·        the Treasure that I seek,
 ·        the Foundation on which I 
 ·        the Song in my heart,
 ·        the Object of my desire,
 ·        the Breath of my life,
 ·        He is my All in all!
 ·        And His Word is the joy of my 

Please join with me in this life-changing discovery as, day by day, we learn more about our God, who is actually bigger than we think and greater than we think.

-- Anne Graham Lotz

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