Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Trample Or Treasure?

You may ask how people wind up in hell if God is a loving God.  People wind up in hell by trampling the love of God instead of treasuring it.
They ignore it,
spurn it,
yawn over it,
close their hearts to it,
keep saying, "someday, someday, someday."
The Bible says there will be a someday.
It's a day of reckoning.

To those who have spurned His love, God will say in effect,
"I loved you everyday of your life."
"I loved you with a perfect love."
"I extended Myself to you."
"I made My wisdom available to you."
"I made My comfort and My strength and My Spirit available to you."
"I made My offer of salvation to you."
"But you trampled and spurned My love."
"You had it your way on earth, so now you can have it your way in eternity."

Are you facing that scenario? 
Will you continue to trample the love of God?
That's the question of the ages and it is one you yourself must answer.
Your way or God's Way?
To "Trample or Treasure?"

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