Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come Boldly To My Throne

My holy people; I have not promised you an escape from all difficulties, lots of money, an easy go of it. Rather, I have promised to be with you: step by step, moment by moment; yes even day by day.

I have promised to be with you through the difficulties and this is your source of great peace. I am your source of peace and safety and of comfort and rest. Yes, even in the midst of the great storms of life, I have promised to be with you and that there is no other source for your peace that will be steady and reliable. My Great Heart beats for you, my love.

Never in all of eternity past nor eternity present, shall I love you more than I do right now. My love for you is steady and sure and I desire you to walk beside Me, to walk with Me, with confidence and trust. Though great battles rage around you … I am here to calm your fears. Though the waves toss you and shake you … I am here to provide a secure and safe future free from the debilitating shame and fear that has gripped you up until now.

Let it all go and instead embrace My Great love for you. Remember all that I have done and all that I have promised for you. Now is an appointed time for you: appointed to receive the full promise of My love to you. Come, right now, and receive this promise directly from Me. Don’t make an excuse. Instead come boldly to Me. Receive this love that is appointed for all of My holy people.

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