Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be My Chosen Vessel

My holy people; you have sought Me with all your heart. You have listened to My Great Heart. You have waited patiently for Me to do what you cannot do in your own strength. I love you, My child. I love you and passionately care for you; moment by moment, day by day.

Now, you will see what happens when I turn to you. You will see what happens when I hear your deepest heart cry. I have heard and I have seen and now My Hand will move.

You see in the earth many things are happening … much is being shaken, so that what remains may be useful in My Hand. I am taking you by My Hand and am forming something from what remains. A chosen vessel, a pure vessel, that will bring honor and glory to Me.

Patience has brought about a good work in your life. Praise Me for the work I have done in you and now through you. Patience has caused you to wait for Me to move, not for you to get things done in your own strength. You have allowed yourself to become weakened, so that I may be strong in you and through you. Rejoice, celebrate the coming of My Hand of deliverance. I am establishing everything that remains in order to plant a seed of hope and of power for the days ahead.

All that has gone before is in order that what remains will bring glory to Me. You will bring glory to Me and have brought glory to Me. My Great Heart beats loudly for those who have endured bravely for My Kingdom. Now watch as My Kingdom grows and unfolds in ways you never expected, in ways you never anticipated. Be My Chosen Vessel.

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