Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icy Cold

My holy people; My Great Heart desire is to improve your seeing, your hearing and your understanding so that you will worship Me and love people. That is the point of it all. That is what I sent My Son to restore: your ability to truly worship Me and to truly love those around you.

Many desire to make a difference in the world around them. I am the answer to all of that. Knowing Me, following Me and following the example My Son gave will do what is necessary to make a difference. I am the God of all grace and My grace will flow to My holy people.

Quit squabbling over worldly issues, over who is most important and who is right and who is wrong. I am looking for those that will wholeheartedly worship Me and love those around them. Thru these My grace will flow unhindered. My favor rests upon those whose hearts belong to Me.

At this time I am sending cold winter storms across all of America. This is a sign and a wonder to all that will hear this. For I have found the heart of America is icy cold. Where are those who will worship Me … not the latest preacher, gimmicks or preacher shows? I have found the hearts icy cold to Me, to knowing My Great Heart and to truly following Me. That is why I have sent blizzards, icy cold storms and snow across the heartland of America.

My desire is to cleanse and purify all that is out of balance with My will. So during this time of the cold winter storms in America … take time to worship Me and to love those around you. Take time from your otherwise busy lives and seek Me with all your heart. My grace is there, if you will search Me out. I am looking over America for those who will wholeheartedly worship Me and love those around them. I am looking for avenues of great grace to flow to you and through you, My broken ones, My cold-hearted ones.

I am restoring the provisions once given to fund My works across the earth. I am restoring true worship and true love of people. I am restoring the broken down and the cold hearted to become fiery worshippers and lovers. Not lovers of preachers, gimmicks and preacher shows … but worshippers of Me and lovers of simple people around you. Allow My grace to flow in and through your lives. Take time to return to the first things, the main things, of life in Me. I am searching. I am restoring. I am pouring out all that is needed to do this work.

Seek My Face.  Call upon My Name. Radically follow me.

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