Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why the (Elite) West Is Losing

Why The West Is Losing

A basic building block of elite promotions was total control over the mainstream Western media. But in the 21st century, the Internet has entirely unraveled that control. If the 20th century was like a yo-yo winding up, then the 21st century is like one spinning in the other direction. Every single historical untruth foisted on a writhing Western population during the 20th century is coming unwound now, from the progressive "heroics" of Woodrow Wilson and the two Roosevelts, to the installation of the Keynesian financial system itself after World War II, to the larger Pax Americana.

The Internet is full of all sorts of debunking, and as the economic situation continues to worsen, the anger rises and the promotions put in place by the Anglo-American axis – whether historical or current – continue to lose credibility in our humble view. The response of the elite, especially in America, has been to reset the Hegelian "goal posts" of the promotional conversation. "Conservative" media figureheads such as Sarah Palin and others have adopted many of the talking points of the Internet-inspired free-market conversation now taking place.

But as the truth-telling of the Internet has continue to make inroads, the elite has found itself in the ludicrous position of in a sense endorsing all but the most radical free-market thinking. In other words, in order to maintain credibility, the elite has adopted so many of the more radical libertarian ideas that its positions are not often indistinguishable from the rhetorical perspectives it is trying to co-opt. This is not, one would think, a satisfactory situation for an Anglo-American axis that for at least 150 years has sought to undermine the idea that civil society can exist without the murderous beneficences of the state.

But it is still worse. Only 60 years ago, the Anglo-American axis controlled the greatest empire ever known to man. After World War II, the globe was virtually prostrate at its feet. An entire global infrastructure was initiated at this time. The BIS, the World Bank and the IMF were all reconfigured and positioned around the crown jewel – the United Nations itself. At the same time an obscure trade-treaty was initiated in Europe, one that was to become, of course, the European Union.

But something happened on the inevitable march to full globalization under the control of the Anglo-American axis. The Internet appeared – first merely an annoyance and now a full-fledged and seemingly uncontrollable (pointy) weapon aimed directly at Leviathan. Like the Gutenberg press before it, it has entirely undone the culture of control that was so painstakingly wrapped round the world after two world wars. What is taking place today in our view is truly a New Enlightenment.

We realize this flies in the face of the doom and gloom that propagates itself within the generous confines of the alternative 'Net press. But in fact, the old order is collapsing just as we have predicted for a decade now. Of course, we are well aware that the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment were not entirely peaceable movements. But here is another point: For whatever reason we sense a certain weariness affecting the Western elites. Many of those in vanguard, for whatever reason, seem to be old men and the younger ones meanwhile may be slightly abashed at how savagely the veil of secrecy has been ripped away from money power. They read the Internet too.

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