Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Let us pray to the Father into this New Year...
"Father, ABBA, we pray that you will protect us, guide us, lead us and encourage us in this New Year to come. We pray that You will help us relinquish our desires, our minds, and our goals to You and follow Your lead and the directions You lay before us. Let us be sensitive to Your Holy Spirit and that we will listen to Your chiding. Let us see peace, prosperity and true Christian love once again in this great nation that became a reality through our Founding Fathers because they listened to You and did Your bidding.
Let us have a renewed courage, a clear understanding, and a determined spirit of camaraderie as we enter into 2010. May we not do anything that is against Your will, or that may anger You. Let us put the cross of Christ before us in all that we do! And Lord, if it comes down to it, give us the strength, the resolve, the vision and the winning plan of action that will defeat those that have tread Your name underfoot and have stolen this great Republic from, not only us and our children. but from You!
May You, Lord Jesus, be once again praised and worshiped in this land as only You should be. Let us repent of our sins and our misdeeds so that we can say to You... come and restore our land and let us once again be blessed by You.
Bless us now Father as we go out in this new year. Give us wisdom, grace and love in our heart for our fellow man, especially our Patriot family. Bring us all back tomorrow willing and able to do what must be done!
In Jesus' Holy name we pray.... AMEN!"
God bless each of you, my family, friends and my Brother and Sister Patriots!
May 2010 be OUR YEAR!!!!

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