Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He Knows, He Knows, He Knows!

Be assured that God is not an American. He is not regulated by Washington, and does not require a congressional hearing to pass a bill. He can accomplish this all by Himself—if WE have faith!

Abraham “knew” God. He just didn’t know OF Him. Not knowing God is more our problem than Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all such leaders who push a socialistic tyrannical agenda combined. We are so acquainted with "Sodom and Gomorrah" that we fail to see the God who made it. We are so enamored with the sins of our nation; we fail to be overwhelmed with the God of our nation.

Do you know God or do you know of Him? Are you in His grip? If you are in His grip, you can and should know what He is capable of. Space fails me to tell of all of His wonderful acts. However, let me just tell you of a few:

He can raise the DEAD.
He can heal all diseases.
He can feed over five thousand people with a few fish.
He can walk on water.
He can demand a living tree to die.
He can speak the worlds into existence.
He knows your thoughts from afar off.
He knows your words before you speak them.
He knows the plans of the wicked before they do them.
He knows the number of hairs on your head.
He knows the bird that just fell from the sky and died.
He knows the end from the beginning.
He knows the length of your life.
He knows your hurts even before you experience them.
He knows the number of teardrops that your eyes have shed.
He knows the stars by name, although they cannot be numbered.
He knows the width of space because it came out of Him.
He knows, He knows, He knows!

There is not anything that God does not know, because His knowledge created everything!

Whether or not America’s days have come to an end is not for us to know or to even be the factor involved in expecting God to do good. What God wants to know is if you believe Him. Leave the business of God judging the nations to God; you make it your business to simply judge Him as the faithful God that He is. Therefore, when you stand before Him on that day of judgment, you can have confidence that you believed Him for mercy upon your nation, even as you believed Him for mercy upon yourself.

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