Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Are A Lighthouse

Have I not made you worthless in the eyes of men, yes even among some of your own family and loved ones?--so that I could prosper you as My own—set apart for only heavenly value?

I Am bringing this nation to its knees so that many will see the Light I shine through those that are sincerely humble and authentically devastated for their benefit. There can be no fancy frame around the infinitely more important picture I Am creating in you for them. My special servants and friends must be of no importance to this world for Me to operate fully through them to reach this wicked generation of “me-pleasers.”

I Am tearing down their securities and false confidences week by week. I Am casting out all signs of vain achievement in most, so that the mercy of My kingdom can get through to them. Formerly rich, blind and sick people are stumbling around without direction. They must realize their own foolishness. What they once thought they were, they are no longer in Me. They must realize this. They need My Spirit and My daily leading.

I have allowed you to see your foolishness so you can serve them and help them into the Ark that is waiting—already prepared for their deliverance and eternal salvation. I gave Enoch a view of the world to come and he longed for Me and his place in eternity—his home that is customized for his fulfillment among My people and holy angels. You are called to follow the way of Enoch and to delight in the things above and NOT the things below.

You are to hear My heavenly music and have your spiritual hearing sharpened for My will and daily direction. I cannot use you fully without pruning you completely. Don’t be amazed that I have taken away so much! For what I have taken is rightfully Mine—not yours.

What I will replace for you is unfathomable. Riches greater than the height from the ocean’s deepest depths to its surface are yours in My presence and in residence with Me on My holy mountain. So prepare your heart and clear your mind to follow hard after Me without confusion. I offer you a renewed mind and a bold spirit that will not be denied by the evil that seeks to thwart and block your Light. Resisting all evil, you are to live and walk with Me in heavenly places that men know not.

The Light from My throne is hot and brilliant to those near and far. You shall be as a lighthouse to them. As they hear My messages through the fog and regain hope within the storm—they will be spared because you let Me bring you low and allowed My Son to be exalted high and lifted up so that all men could be drawn to Him.

Now—maintain the lighthouse. Put it in order. Do not let anything distract you from your primary mission—to announce the Good News and let your Light so shine that people will know that I sent you to help them and to find their way in from the storm.

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