Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

The book "Voices of the Faithful" tells of a South American pastor who bought a van to transport people to church. The van needed new tires, but the pastor had no way of paying for them. One night the van was stolen, leaving the pastor distressed, but prayerful. A few days later, police officers from a nearby town told him the van had been located and the thief caught.
Arriving at the police station, the pastor was surprised to find his vehicle sporting a new set of tires, new backseats, and a radio! He claimed the van, but told the police that the tires, seats, and radio were not his. They must have been installed by the thief.
"Well, I guess that is the thief's loss and your gain," replied the police officer. Now the pastor has a good van, fully equipped, and freshly shod.
It often works that way for those who love God. He uses our trials for His glory and purpose, though at the time we may not see how it could be. That's why we walk by faith.
His hand is never shortened, all things must serve His might; His every act is blessing, His path is purest light.
Paul Gerhardt, German hymnist

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