Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gulag Earth

It's the Federal Government, Stupid! Step out of your little-local box. It's an Internet Reformation Revolution!

Every part of the modern system, from politics, to education, to business, to justice has been carefully crafted to fit together like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, each piece supporting the next. It is only when you step back and survey the whole at special times in history – and this era of the Internet is one such – that you can visualize the whole and appreciate the extraordinary and energetic mendacity of its power-elite builders.

Nation-states, patriotism, wars "on terror," money "printed from nothing," religious beliefs diverted to create more social tension, gender and income disparities utilized for the same purposes. Common Core, Smart Meters, Sustainable Living, Affordable Housing...all of it UN Agenda 21. UN mandated gun control, the Military Industrial Complex with endless wars and R2P. I can go on and on ... the web of control is mind-numbingly vast and intricate.

Divide-and-conquer is the strategy. And yet, it is perhaps coming to an end ... or at least evolving. The Internet Reformation is changing the narratives "on the ground." Too many have been exposed. Too much manipulation has been internalized. The system is surely broken. Western dysfunction is no accident, nor is the rise of the alternative media and alternative political movements including the Tea Party. And while the system to some degree has been broken deliberately by the very elites that put it in place, they may have forgotten it is easier to create chaos than to contain it, especially in this modern era.

What just happened in Washington DC is no aberration. For those with the courage to understand and the intelligence to internalize, these times offer tremendous risks and inordinate rewards. A great game is afoot and nowhere near ending...What has been hidden, has now been exposed. It's time t face the music....

See: Shutdown Ending but Larger Difficulties Remain

Unless this is understood, one will be baffled by what is transpiring during political disputes such as those that permeate current politics. Each side will declare the others motives devious, a matter of ill will, etc. Opposing parties will be demonized and one side will not listen to the arguments of the other since argument assumes the possibility of a rational outcome.

Far too many people listed to "hope" and "change" messages, then reacted as if looking in a mirror, feeling "Obama agrees with/cares about/understands me" without one shred of objective proof.The unfortunate  acceptance by the general culture has resulted in an aimless wandering by the citizenry, who don't seem to have a clue about what is going on or why things are they way they are.

It's time to have a national referendum as opposed to a Muslin President deciding for us. And let the outcome be the end of it. The worse that can happen then is we will be force to live with the shortcomings of democracy when the peoples lack of self responsibility rule. Voter ID, substance abuse, education, etc should be a tested passage for the Election process and voting. Morality, criminality, radicalism, etc should be a tested passage to hold an Office.

So, its in this time of beautiful chaos that the elites consolidate their power. They will write a check to fuel the tanks if needed, they can find 500,000 people that's all they need to fight a war, with the kinds of weapons the US has built. 170 plus yrs. the US has been the military muscle of the elites. The problem with chaos is it is chaos, and things can and do go wrong which the elites cannot control. The issues for them are, "will they get all they want in one fell swoop or take a little now and work on the rest of their agenda later?" and that's where the Internet Reformation is a problem for them, information knowledge hurts them. The more people that know of their plans, those plans fail. And hopefully, more info web sites will spread the reality of truth, and the elites and their evil plans will fail.

Wake up people, if they win we live on GULAG EARTH.

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