Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breaking The Matrix-No Regrets

I regret that a few subscribers are dragging their heels in concluding that the Obama regime is corrupt, is consciously criminal, is brutal, is callously murderous, and is run by an international conspiracy to replace the U.S. with a World Government system which is run way off shore in an authoritarian mode - a conspiracy of so-called Globalist and Zionists, is accelerating a program of full spectrum dominance to strip U.S. citizens of their remaining rights, and accordingly needs to be terminated by impeachment as soon as possible..
Some people believe that these are overblown, unbalanced, lunatic or at least quacky ideas of extremist thinking and they suppose I have gone off the deep end. A few are getting twitty and un-subbing. For those writing me notes about it, here is my sincerely real and calm response.

Frankly, I personally feel more lucid, clear, conscious, and at peace in my internal processes than at any time in my life. I can see 40 year, 100 year, even millennial patterns of behaviors, sociologic, and maneuvering more and more in the bat of an eye and it gets better and better with each passing month. It becomes lucid when you drop your attachments to propositions which cannot be made to work and to historical ideas and myths which were never true. This is a vision skill which not many possess and it is very difficult to communicate from this perspective in a manner which does not leave a lot of people gasping occasionally. In the underground, this growth of discernment is called "the awakening" . It is massive, it is the historical wave which will define future decades.

I mainly summarize and report the conclusions which have been made by a generation of writers, analysts, scholars, scientists, a few prominent politicians, engineers (I especially like engineers), a few independently wealthy statesmen, and above all by a generation of highly skilled and brilliant journalists and professional researchers who have created an entirely new underground media which has within this last decade grown to displace the propaganda organs of the bankster Mafia families. To some extent, though very cautiously, I allow myself occasionally to be led a little by psychic sources of information. I do this only when it FITS the matrix of what is known.

In this new genre are hundreds of highly astute and informed people who are informally creating a network of intelligence operatives who have become the matrix for whistleblowers, people who bean by bean are spilling the beans which become the dots for painting the big picture. These several hundreds of real thinkers and assessors of real facts are surrounded now by tens of thousands who are operating organizations and web based communications which now reach collectively several hundred million people.

This motley crew is the historical wave change. There is a lot of poor thinking out there in this dimension, a lot of mistaken ideas, falsities, and out and out conscious lies and manipulations. All true. AND...the truth IS out there, really really out there and more and more accessible.

As an observer/reporter, I winnow it to come up with the best bottom lines I can. If I am mad, there are a lot of smarter and better informed people than I who are even madder. I also serve as a change agent by shifting the semantic universe to correspond to what a generation or researchers are finding.

Calling Rockefeller's associates a Mafia family is a deliberate strategy of shifting the semantic labeling of reality. Or calling the Globalists who operate directly under the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds as the R&R Caballleros (a pun on Cabal and the Spanish word for organized horsemen riding for some specific purpose). Again, a shifting of the semantic universe.

Or calling Obama's administration the Ziobama Regime, which points to the Jewish Crime Network which financed, orchestrated, and basically runs the professional side of Obama as a president. Or calling Obama "Bozobama" ;, which points to how goofy many of his moves now seem - a product of being seriously out of touch with what people are really doing behind the words which he reads from the teleprompter - a serious semantic call on Obama's personal competence to serve as President.

Some people take real offense at this activity, they just can't quite understand or get to a willingness to see that what has been accepted as "normal" can also be seen as a century of racketeering by mobsters who carefully control who gets close to them and of whom we can easily document will direct the murder of anyone whom they believe to be directly dangerous to their objectives of full-spectrum dominance, or wars....Some people for instance just accept that having a public stock market which is 95% controlled by Jews is some how normal. There is no statistical possibility that such is the normal outcome of random social dynamics. It is obviously the artifact of a deliberate racketeering enterprise which favors a small group of people to share mutual power for "the family" .

The modern wave of awakening began with the 911 scam and the wars which followed but I believe the awakening really began to emerge when more and more people took a look at the Federal Reserve, the oil oligarchy, and Woodrew Wilson's capitualization to the banksters to lead the U.S. into WWI, a war so un-necessary that history books have given up trying to explain it. He lived to regret it and warned people that the country had been taken over by a small group of plutocratic bankers. FDR was almost deposed by them in a putsch but Smedly Butler, U.S. Marine Corps Chief of Staff foiled them. Later FDR warned people that in politics "nothing happens by accident" .... savor the words NOTHING BY ACCIDENT.

Truman, a machine creature somewhat like the current Democratic Party leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, was led hook line and sinker into authorizing the National Security State to deal with the Communist (and UFO) menace. He later regretted it and admitted the CIA to be a serious mistake.

Eisenhower, the all general' s general, warned Americans starkly that the military-industrial -academic scientific complex was too powerful and had to be carefully watched to keep it from destroying the fabric of traditional American life and freedoms. Of course it never was, it has largely disappeared from public view, occasionally losing a trillion, give or take a trillion, in assets, as the DOD has itself admitted...

Uff dah! With a trillion dollars, you can run an awful lot of mad mad secret schemes.

JFK planned to fix the mistakes, he began to undermine the Federal Reserve by authorizing silver dollars and in fact he even began to prepare the public by a profoundly disturbing speech in which he revealed that a long term conspiracy deeply imbedded in the U.S. had plans to take over the world and thus was a serious threat to the American People. (he was not talking about the communists). He planned as his initial moves to curb the Cabal to severely clip the CIA and pull its assassins and thugs out of Viet Nam. He was murdered shortly after his revelatory warning.

You think any of this is random drama? Do you think any of this is an accident of history? Any of it,from Wilson to JFK? As a foggy headed heir to quasi-liberal, quasi-progressive thinking, I thought so a long time ago.....just the flow of a lot of events none of which really fit into any sensibility. But the solution was/is simple. You just have to start thinking about this stuff. How does it fit? How does it not fit.? What a jigsaw puzzle, eh? Anybody who does so sooner or later realizes that the academic Globalist secular scientific view (Saruman The Wise), which can and has rationalized enormously huge booboos, offers very very little understanding of what is truly meaningful and worthy, only Colbert' s "truthiness of rhetorical formalities based largely on fragmented, one-dimensional analytics in a moving God universe. A fundamental conclusion largely comes eventually to be formed around the simple admission that the human species does not have enough intelligent members who can organize intelligently to authoritatively use the powers which scientific sorcerers and the mobs have conjured. "The Ring of Power" overcomes the best of intentions. Accordingly, we must feel our way to liquidating it and allowing humanity to return to the scale of community consciousness.

Do you think it coincidence that this central metaphor "the Ring of Power" was injected into human mass consciousness at this time of world struggle with the Cabal seeking to dominate all aspects of life. It was an accident, right, that a skilled linguist and student of human mythology and ancient literature distilled the central concepts of the epic struggle of individualism, collectivism and war from many peoples and composed the fabulous story of "The Lord of the Rings", which provides a mystical meme which plants central concepts for the struggle for peace and freedom. This meme is so powerful in the human subconscious, Alex Jones, who reaches an audience of some 15 million a week, is now regularly referring to Washington DC as "Mordor" .

So NO, no regrets in calling out the central dynamics, even as Christ did. All wars are rackets and ALL THE ARISTOCRACIES AND PLUTOCRATS are the racketeers and always have been. The commandment from the anciently wise "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is the beginning, the very beginning of human freedom and civilized life. What, then, are you to make of a man who claims to be president of a Republic and claims unilaterally the right to kill anyone he deems necessary at any time by any means his men think cool?

What do you suppose to make of that?


....and then feel welcome in the EC clubhouse. Otherwise, well, you can still hang out even if you have decided to make yourself feel unwelcome..

Be of good cheer, I do not drool.....yet.

Best Wishes, Michael Mandeville
from the mesas of Arizona;
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