Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Silently Fallen Tears

A challenge was put before us
 on the day the terrorists came,
and it doesn't change a thing for us
 to find someone to blame.

Even God has put before us
 to always stand for what is right,
and we have come to realize
 this sometimes means that we must fight.

We stand tall in this great country
 to uphold our faith in God.
And to gladly give the glory,
 where so many feet have trod.

We must realize He's with us
 on whatever road we take,
if we but ask His guidance,
 He will victors of us make.

He can use us for His glory
 as we stand to show the world,
that we can fight against Satan,
 no matter what he's hurled.

The obstacles in our path
 will be so strongly rolled away,
and we will be united with
 our loved ones some sweet day.

Praise God for all the souls
 who will proudly stand and say,
"We give to God the glory",
 as we defend ourselves this way.

So we uphold each other in prayer
 and glorious praise,
and we trust that God will brightly shine
 a light along the way.

The world is now watching,
 to see what we will say,
and we must go forth proudly
 to defend what God has made.

So with prayer and supplication
 we send our troops to war,
and we must never loose sight
 of what all of this is for.

For our children's children
 will reap what we have sown,
and we pray for His great mercy
 when He finally calls us home.

And for all who do not make it,
 and for all who come back here,
we know that God is catching
 each silently fallen tears.

~Used with permission~
By Denise Lanford

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