Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Story Of Nala & Ayla

Mama Nala and Baby Ayla

Nala was adopted when she was 2 years old. Her name was given to her, named after a character from
The Lion King animated series.

When Nala was 4 years old, we decided to breed her with a male Pitbull, whose name was Giinga. 

The liter was of 8 beautiful puppies, our aim was for a female, so to name her Ayla.

Ayla was of a character in the movie "The Clan of The Cave Bear" starring Darryl Hannah. Ayla was of the "Lion Clan", hence Nala of the Lion King. Here's the story of the movie: The Clan Of The Cave Bear

Ayla was eventually adopted out at a year old. 
Nala remained on the farm and enjoyed the fishing and the hunting.

Nala remained with us until her recent death at 14.7 years old. 

Her loss is a tremendous hole in our hearts and home.

Until we meet again, may she rest in peace.

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