Saturday, September 8, 2012

93 Down: "Let's Roll!"

USA - 9/11 evokes many images; passenger planes colliding with glass, steel and concrete, exploding in a brilliant orange-red flash; one at a time, the sky-bound towers collapsing, pulled down by gravity in their weakened states, to meet their doom as heaping piles of smoldering debris; firemen solemnly hoisting a flag above the New York rubble in honor of their fallen brethren and all of America; what was considered the most secure building in our country billowing smoke as military and firefighters fought to rescue those trapped within one of its five sides.
For me, when I think of 9/11 it's not an image I have of that horrific day but a feeling, and it is that of the indelible spirit shown by the 40 passengers and crew on the flight from Newark, NJ, to San Francisco, CA, United 93. These individuals were faced with one of the most frightening situations one could conceive and they chose to respond by fighting for freedom, fighting for their lives. They knew full and well, through conversations with loved ones on the ground, where they were headed - into some building. They knew that rising up might just be the last thing they ever did, but they knew, too, they had no other choice for hope but through their own efforts; that no one was going to be able to save them. And while flight 93's end as a gaping, smoking hole in the earth near Stonycreek Township, PA, serves as many people's teary-eyed remembrance of that day, to me that crater holds the hope and spirit for America in these times of ours.
Imagine yourself there; feeling secure in your life enjoying (or not) a flight to a far-off destination, perhaps home. Perhaps it's as routine as your everyday life, or maybe it could be one of just a few flights, if any, you have ever taken and you're already nervous about every bump and bit of turbulence you encounter ... Then the unthinkable - movement, flashes of blades, blood, screaming. It could be that you didn't notice, that your seat was far in the rear and you were unaware of the unfolding situation. Maybe you had your headphones on, staring out the window daydreaming of your loved ones, and the rhythms of your tunes drowned-out the commotion. But, maybe you're seated right next to it, staring face-to-face with senseless violence and you're gripped with fear. Whatever your situation, you come to find that your plane has been hijacked; that you will be alright as long as you obey, but if you don't the plane will explode. As you're herded together with other passengers and crew you might share stories of what you have seen or heard, or you might just ask questions of those who know more. You might be panicking or not, or angry that you couldn't have stopped it earlier, but, everything you have ever known about this type of situation tells you to stay-the-course, that everything will work-out once you land - something the hijackers are telling you will happen. Soon, however, new information comes to light and you begin to see the bigger picture. The true direction of the plane is toward the complete oblivion of it, you, and perhaps thousands of others.
How analogous it is of these times of ours, now. Today, the passengers are, in fact, the whole of the American public going about their everyday lives as best they can in these uncertain financial times - which are indeed more dire than reported, but I'll leave that for others to comment on. The pilots steering us on a collision-course toward the complete destruction of our founded Republic are, none other than, our elected "representatives." They are the ones speaking of community civic responsibility and push agendas filled with constitutionally repugnant socialistic ideals. The plane that is our home of the brave and free society has been hijacked.
For years, increasing public demand that the government provide for it - anything, everything - has been born out of a feeling of personal entitlement and that anyone and everyone else is to blame or is responsible. The lack of this personal responsibility in our society to be able to care for one's self has left the cockpit door open, and those willing to provide the hoped-for change stepped across the threshold and have suddenly, violently, altered our republic's course.
Now, there are some passengers (Americans) that see this as a needed course correction; that believe with all of their hearts that life will be better wherever we are taken. They are the ones that have cried for more government provision. They are the ones that don't see that, ultimately, you have no one to rely on other than yourself. But soon, even these people, will see the path in a new clarity as even their rights are infringed. If only they were willing to listen to something other than their own tune long ago ...
There is, however, a growing majority that know the direction the plane is traveling is toward more complete control over personal liberties, freedoms and choices - that the best intentions of any socialized system becomes controlled by fascism or turns toward communism - both of which are inherently unsustainable, and are everything our founders fought to prevent. This majority, huddled in masses, yet scattered across the country, share stories, truths, and continually expose the agendas of those leading us toward the impending doom of our nation, as we know it. This majority knows how easily government provision turns to government ownership of its citizenry. They know that providing for all means lavish dinners for leaders while everyone else waits in bread lines. (But hey, no one is starving, right?) They know that when someone disagrees, they are arrested, and when someone speaks and acts out, they disappear. They know this because it is what every other society that has chosen a path toward socialist control has faced. And, they know that they don't want this for their country - that this isn't the destination they have chosen.
So, my questions are: When do we honor the example taught us by the 40 who gave their lives to stop an obvious attempt to destroy so many? When do we make the simple statement, "let's roll" and rise up to take back control from those who would steer us toward oblivion? When is enough going to be enough?
The Tea Party has already happened. It's time for action. Personally, I'm ready to roll.
 By Ron Lee US~Observer

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