Friday, December 2, 2011

Arise From The Rubble!

My holy people; leaders have become unfaithful and are leading many to be unfaithful. No longer seeking Me, no longer consulting Me, no longer taking direction from Me, they have pursued other lovers and have become imitators and duplicators. Taking what others have learned and try to implement according to what others have done, rather than seeking Me, having relationship with Me, and consulting Me. No longer equipping gifts, these have become blind leaders, leading blind followers into the ditch.
Where are those that actually seek Me? There are very few who seek Me. Most seek the preachers and what they have to say. And these preachers take what other famous preachers have learned and teach these things as though they were received from Me. They wonder secretly why things do not work well. Is it any wonder?
My holy people; this has gone on for generation after generation after generation and the time for change is now. Do not be surprised when things take a turn for the worse in America. All is not lost, but things must change. I am continuing to shake, to remove and to cleanse. I am blowing out the chaff, making ready a people that will do exploits in My Name. The imitators and duplicators will not do these things; only those who have spent time in My Presence and who know My Great Heart.
A promise to My remnant: religion is about to fall in America. Rejoice, for what I am about to do. Do not fear, but realize it is taking a severe shaking to remove what needs to be removed. Get close to Me. Stay close to Me. That is the place of safety. Leader's hearts will fail them. Don't look there for your safety, but look to Me. For some of you, this is the first time you will truly be following Me, instead of following self-imposed leaders. I will raise up fathers that will teach their spiritual children the truth of following Me, of learning of Me, of following My ways instead of the ways of religion. Much has been substituted for following Me. Much has been taught instead of following Me. Much has been used instead of Christ. Instead-of Christ [anti-christ] is ruling instead of Me in many, many hearts. Therefore, make yourselves ready.
It is time to arise from the rubble, cleanse yourselves, separate yourselves unto Me, consecrate yourselves to Me, renew your vows before Me. I will prove Myself faithful and am certain to raise up new equippers who will do what I desire, rather than try to manage My people like pigs.

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