Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living By Faith and God's Sovereignty

I use this organization's (Church of the Great God) resources sometimes for reference or perspective. It is a fact, that religion, particularly Western Judeo Christianity, played a crucial role in the establishment and construction of our Republic and her Constitution. The Founders were clear.

So this article is fair game I think, as our problems, and our situations, and our circumstances all are commingled with our social condition - always has been, always will be, in every nation, in every time.

The article in a broader sense conveys an attitude lost in America, and I well remember it. Life was beautiful. Compared to today, much of the ugly stuff was beautiful (actually, proportionately more 'innocent') then.

I suggest reading the article for anyone who wishes to see the real motivations and mindsets behind Christians (forget the details of views on this or that issue for a bit), when trying to understand their positions, no matter what you might believe, this general outlook of God is behind it. All true Christians - or any true believer in a Creator - like the Founders, eg - have a sense that God is watching (or may be) much like a parent. So whatever perception atheists, or homos, or pagans, et al have of Christianity/Christians, politically, morally, or otherwise, if you don't grasp this, you missed the boat completely, and have no idea what you are talking about.

Yes, there are Christian addicts, Christian homos, Christian adulterers, thieves, ad infinitum. Sin is not confined to Unbelievers in their Creator.

The big difference is attitude.

A true Christian - or a Creator believer - will [try to] hide their sin. They sense guilt, remorse, sadness, and other emotions as are appropriate in any given circumstance. Where a heathen will flaunt their immoral actions, foul deeds, or lewd conduct, and flout the idea of the supremacy and authority of their Maker.

So, for men of intellectual honesty, this fairly long article reveals a lot as to why the slim majority of Americans still see certain things as destroying the country - which, by the way, they are.

God's Sovereignty - American Sovereignty - Individual Sovereignty. YOU can have it all, today, if you really want it!

Read the article here...
Living By Faith and God's Sovereignty
by John W. Ritenbaugh
Forerunner, "Personal," July-August 2011

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