Monday, June 28, 2010

Peaceful Waters

My holy people; the whole world is looking for what you have. There is a world full of people who are looking for peace and do not have it. That’s the main reason that the gospel of the Kingdom is good news. You are preserved in peace. Not because you try hard at following Me. Not because you keep this rule and that. No, you are preserved in peace for one simple reason … you trust in Me.

My love, you have learned so many things, but have you really learned how to trust Me, or is it a gift to you? My love, you have struggled at times against many things, mostly yourself, and yet the only thing that will preserve you in peace is trusting in Me. Nothing else. Nothing more. No substitute and no replacement.

My precious bride-to-be there are so many promises given to you. So many things have yet to be accomplished for the Kingdom. You will only see some of the promises answered this side of heaven. Not everything is promised for right now. Some things will happen in due time, in due season. For there is a time and there is a season for everything. Yes, even the promises that are so dear to your heart. Many of these will be accomplished later, not now.

This does not matter to those who trust Me. This has little to do with anything to the heart that trusts Mine. Hell may roar, the enemy may stand at the very gate of your life. My love, you are as beautiful as a victorious army waving banners. Not because you always have the right answer or fight all the battles successfully. Not because of your abilities or even My abilities. You are beautiful to Me because of the trust that adorns your heart toward Me. This honors Me. This glorifies Me.

Trust me and preserve the peace I give you.

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