Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old Things, New Things

My holy people; there are old things and there are new things that I wish you to know. Don’t you know it?

My Kingdom is made up of old things and new things. The old things have been recorded, for I have spoken them long ago and recorded them in scripture so you would know them. However there are also new things that I announce, new things that I am doing that are not recorded in scripture. These are the current workings of My Spirit in you and in others.

Are you living in My now? That is the only way to know My Great Heart and follow after Me. You cannot be living on yesterday’s revelation. You cannot be living on scripture alone. You must learn of Me, hear My Great Heart and follow after Me with all that is within you, for as you are led by the Spirit, you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh, but instead you will be fulfilling My will in the earth to My glory.

That is why I prepared the place for you, the place where I am. Here you will hear and know My Great Heart. Here you will hear and know My Voice. Here you will learn of Me and go out and do those things that are upon My Great Heart.

A great change is upon you, a change that is overtaking you, a change that is preparing and energizing you, a change that will cause you to live in My now. I am making all things new and revealing this to you. This change is all in your heart. Some would say this and that is all in your head, but I say that this great change that is upon you is all in your heart. For I have captured your heart and you have found Me as the great lover of your soul. You have traversed the great chasm and found Me waiting with arms wide open. I have waited upon you and this time for you for a long time. Now it is here, now it is time. Come to Me, learn of Me, follow Me. We will run together.

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