Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Call To The Ark

Come all my dearest children

for the time of trial is here,

into the ark of my protection

I will take away all fear.

Just as Noah long ago

saved those who would take heed,

and left behind the blind and deaf

full of worldly sin and greed.

The reign of sin and error

is increasing, soon to flood,

because of man’s rejection of my Son

and His redeeming blood.

The earth is placed in peril

all children on the brink,

minds and hearts befuddled

into Satan’s grasp they sink.

My ark will be a haven

I will protect and save,

those who come and take their refuge

I will help you to be brave.

My mother-love will fill you

I will light your path and guide,

through times of fear and darkness

I’ll be always at your side.

—Margaret Rose Larrivee, July 11, 1994

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