Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Glory

My holy people; so are you called to make a difference, a significant difference in the land of the living. All is not lost. All is not confounded, but My Great Heart is clear to you, to make a difference, to make a difference right where you are, to a people that have often despised you and rejected you. My call and My choice is what matters here, not what people say, not what those that despise Me and My ways, for it is what I say that matters and I tell you plainly; I am for you.

I am for you in ways you have not yet discovered. I have set things in motion to totally reformat your life, you service and your future, in Me. I have repositioned you and I have restored you, even in ways you have yet to discover. My Great Heart of love toward the lost, toward My Church and toward you have convinced you. You have found that My joy is truly your strength and that no substitute will do. Absolutely no substitute will work or be found to this, for it is only through My strength that the things I have asked you to do will occur, that what I have called you to be and become will be genuine and lasting and will make a difference.

You have asked Me and inquired of Me that you make a difference and I have granted your request, I have opened your eyes to the possibilities and even now your sight is being restored to what I desire it to be. Your eyes have been opened; use them, see what is ahead, with an intense gaze, set your eyes toward the day and see through My Great Heart what is in store, for it is as you see through My Great Heart, your eyes will choose to serve, rather than to receive. You have been given freedom to choose to do My will in the land of the living. You have been given an identity to form and fashion the work I have for you to do. Use all to My glory and you will see My glory come to earth, even as you see it in the place prepared for you.

Frequent the place I have prepared for you and load up with all that you need to invade the land of the living with My love and My power. Don’t hold back, but move forward with purpose and with passion. I am with you. Do you understand it now? I am with you and nothing by any means can hurt those that are Mine. The enemy will try but his weapons are useless against Mine. For My love is stronger than all the hate in the world. My love chooses to lay down your life, that you may take up Mine. My Great Heart dictates that you will take up your cross to follow Me. My promise is for those that lose their own life, that they may live life to the full.

In the days ahead, walk closely with Me. Link arms with Me, delight in time spent with Me; for things are shifting and things are changing in many areas of your life. I will show you how to live, depending fully on Me; even day to day and moment to moment. This is the covenant I offer to those that follow Me. I will become all of your life, if you let Me. Shed the rags of your own, to become wrapped in the garment of kings to My glory and fame. Allow Me to clothe you in the garments of a pure and an undefiled heart. I am looking, searching, and recruiting for My great army.

Nothing by any means can harm you, as you continue with a steadfast heart toward Me. Seek Me with all your heart. You will find Me and when I come; let Me have My way. I am looking, searching and recruiting for such a people.

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