Friday, June 5, 2009

Walk Hand In Hand With Me

And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. Acts 19:18

My holy people; these are the fruits of My servants, walking hand-in-hand with Me. Are you My servant and are you walking hand-in-hand with Me?
Come out and be separate from the leaven of the Pharisees, from the worldly system that has invaded the church. I have called you to hidden prayer and open reward. I have called you to hearing, seeing and following. I have called you to be a resting place in Me. I have called you to have an undivided heart toward Me.
The heart is desperately wicked, above all else and who shall know it? I know it. I am telling you it is high time to lay aside what I am through with and move on following Me.
You sing songs, you say prayers, you fast and you decree, but still you do not embrace, you do not open yourself up to Me and My power. Do not try to preserve the system you are part of. Lay it aside like a filthy rag. Follow Me.
When those I send come, do not reject what I am doing, but instead open yourself up to My moving. You do not need to be praying for Me to send what I have already done. Instead open yourself up to Me, create an environment that attracts Me and you will see Me move like you have read about. It is time to have adventures with Me, but you must reach out and open yourself up to moving in My power. This is the greatest expression of love that you, My holy people, can express. For as you move into the demonstration of My Spirit and power, you walk hand-in-hand with Me.
Today I am shaking. I have cursed the fig tree that you have been part of for so long, the religious system that is all about words but not the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Will you hear Me? Will you wake up? Will your heart awaken to My heart cry instead of your own? For those that will heed My call; I have prepared an open door. It is time to step through that open door and become all that I have prepared for you to be. Step through this portal and cross over into a new day, a new time, a new dimension of the working of My Kingdom.
Those that step over will no longer just be My holy people, but will become My radiant ones. Seek My Face. Open yourself fully to Me. Step over into the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Shine brilliantly for My glory and fame. For I love you and I care compassionately for you and desire above all else that you bear much fruit to My glory.

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