Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Is Now The Time To Be Fully Mine

And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. Acts 6:8

My holy people; it is time to move forward in the things that I have for you to do. Some have fallen victim to a deception, that says only pray. I tell you, do not cease praying, but faith without the doing is no faith at all, but instead a deception that has caused you to camp out along the way. Stephen was a man full of faith and power … and he did some things. That is what got him into trouble with the religious crowd.

I am still looking for those full of faith and power that are willing to do some things. Are you willing to make a difference? Is that your heart cry? Or do you want to stand idly by and watch? Much of the church has camped out at Gilgal. That is why so few are willing to actually live the adventure of life that I have for them. Intimidated, full of fear and powerless, they stand idly by and do nothing. Thinking they must be fully healed and fully equipped and fully everything. I tell you the truth; I am looking for those that are full of faith and power to make a difference, to do some things. Yet I find so few willing to do so. You must determine in your heart that it has been a mistake to camp at Gilgal. Are you going to camp there for the rest of your life or are you going to allow Me to lead and direct your life?

The adventure is not to be found at Gilgal. Some have not only been circumcised at Gilgal, but they have been castrated. They have lost their potency. They are barely able to move. The enemy has taken advantage of their weakened state and they find themselves immovable from Gilgal. For these, I give you My counsel; repent, be zealous, and determine to venture away from Gilgal. Your very life depends on it. No giants are killed at Gilgal. No territory is taken at Gilgal. No fruit is produced at Gilgal. Gilgal was the place where the final determination was to be made to truly follow Me. The next step after circumcision was then to follow Me into battle. A battle of faith.

My holy people; I want you to be an army of mighty men and women, going into a battle for the souls of men and women and children everywhere. You are to go into your workplace. You are to go into your city. You are to go into your regions and even beyond to the farthest places of the earth. There, together with Me, you will cause My Kingdom to grow and you will become a fearless army of My followers. That is My commission to you. It has not changed.

Those that have camped out at Gilgal, take note. You are not doing My will, but instead you are full of fear and intimidation. No wonder your spiritual gifts no longer operate. You are no longer living for Me, but unto yourself. More than anything else, I want you to run with Me through the villages, partnering with Me to do exploits wherever we may go together. You have already been given the authority to teach, preach, heal and deliver. You have already waited to be endued with power. Now is the time, today is the day, that you must determine to follow Me, by faith, into uncharted waters. It will never be “safe”. You must be willing to die a thousand deaths in order to fulfill My will in your generation. Will you?

My holy people; it is now time to abandon what has kept you back, from fully serving Me. Religion has no hold on you, if your heart is fully Mine. Come away with Me, My love. Come away with Me and we will dance together. We will dance together on the mountain of victory. I will show you the steps. I will lead you there. I will cause you to follow My every step.

2009 is now the time, to be fully Mine.

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