Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Opponent's Intention's

_Word of God_
http://www.bertha- english/wordofgo d/07_html/ en_9000.html)
There are things which the human being is unable to explain to himself and
which he therefore rejects as an unsolvable problem. He is not inquisitive and
thus does not ponder them either, and since his will does not aspire to
solve such things they will also remain inexplicable to him. However, what
appears to be unexplainable cannot just be dismissed as˜non-existent or be
thrown into the field of fraud or sorcery due to lack of evidence. This
particularly applies to all mystical phenomena which cannot be solved by human
intellect alone and which are therefore unhesitatingly dismissed as a deliberate
attempt of deception or a person's morbid plan.
Mystic phenomena can only be explained by mystics, i.e. only the spiritually
aspiring human being can penetrate spiritual spheres. People's mere
intellectual ability will never be able to lift the veil, and therefore they will
also try to destroy other people's belief in spiritual matters, in spiritual
activity. And this is what they will then call enlightenment and will thus be
concealing what the human being should recognise as most important. the
working of the spiritual beings in the beyond who want to provide people with the
evidence that life after death on earth is not over.
O world of unbelievers and scorners....
Where a visible sign is offered to you, you try to refute it, and you are
thereby refusing the spiritual beings access to you. With your wisdom and
actions you intend to destroy the activity of these beings. It is more pleasing
to you to ridicule the spiritual aspirations of profoundly thinking people in
the eyes of the world, and are effectively locking your own entrance to the
kingdom which is sending signs to people in order to make their recognition
And the working of negative forces can be clearly seen in people who, with
absolute conviction, deny everything of a spiritual or supernatural nature.
They speak on behalf of the opponent because he wants to destroy people's
belief in the continuation of life after death, in eternal life and the hour of
accountability. And people support his will instantly and do not shy away from
surrendering their faith, thus merely affirming what they can touch or feel
but denying everything that appears to be supernatural. How highly the human
being values his intellect... . and how little he will achieve with it if God
Himself does not stand by him and guide him into enlightenment.
Yet on the other hand, human intellect is decisive for humanity.... It
unconditionally accepts what it is intellectually presented with. It frequently
and without hesitation surrenders its acquired spiritual truths, because God's
adversary knows how to show his superiority by using convincing words. Hence
he will find willing listeners everywhere, because the world prefers to hear
that life after bodily death has come to an end. And it will therefore
readily agree when expressions from the spiritual world are described as
imagination, fraud or error and are therefore completely dismissed. Amen
BD 1815

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