Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Constitution Party

After the fastest-growing third party selects a presidential candidate in April, Americans will start hearing about a man in whom they can believe, for the simple reason that the candidate nominated by the Constitution Party really will believe the things he’ll be telling us, because he’ll be telling us what the Founding Fathers said two centuries ago.

Constitution Party Notes 

By Gary Odom
Constitution Party National Field Director

Chairman Clymer is just back from Alaska where he spoke to the Alaska Independence Party convention. In 2004, the Alaska Independence Party placed the national Constitution Party Presidential ticket on the Alaska ballot and there is a strong possibility that it will choose to do so again in 2008.

The Constitution Party qualified for the 2008 ballot in South Dakota yesterday and is currently one of three political parties currently recognized in that state: South Dakota Secretary of State. Congratulations to Amy Willis, who coordinated the petition drive, and to all who "made it happen" in South Dakota!

Ballot Access petitioning has now commenced in the key states of Texas (CP TEXAS) and Illinois (Constitution Party Illinois). Each of these states has a very small window of opportunity (until May 19 in Texas and until June 20 in Illinois) to collect the substantial numbers of signatures needed to get the Constitution Party on the ballot in those states in 2008. If you know anyone in either of these states please urge them to review the above referenced website links for information about how they can help to get the Constitution Party on the ballot in Texas and/or Illinois. This is urgent! Time is short! Your help is needed NOW!

Ballot Access petitioning is proceeding well in several states and is just about to wrap up in New Mexico, Ohio and Hawaii. In still other states where the party is not presently on the ballot, petitioning will be commencing very soon. For information about the ballot access situation in your state please visit: constitutionparty.com to locate your state Constitution Party affiliate contact information.

Several more Constitution Party State Conventions are scheduled in the coming weeks: On March 29, 2008 the Constitution Parties of Minnesota, Ohio and Oklahoma will each be meeting. On April 5, 2008, the Constitution Party of Maine will hold its State Convention; followed by similar meetings of state CP affiliates in Virginia and Wisconsin on April 12, 2008. Further details concerning these state conventions will be forthcoming in Constitution Party News and Information.

The Constitution Party National Convention (as you should all know by now) will take place April 23-26 in Kansas City, MO. You will definitely will want to be part of the action when the CP National Platform is adopted and the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees are selected! National Conventions only occur once every four years. You absolutely do not want to miss out on this historic event! For further information about attending the Constitution Party National Convention go to: Constitution Party Events.

The Constitution Party 2008 ballot access campaign and the Presidential campaign to follow will take money and lots of it. If you want the Constitution Party to be on the ballot in every state and to be able to compete effectively in the fall campaign please consider making the most generous contribution possible today! To contribute online go HERE, or mail contributions to Constitution Party, 23 N. Lime Street, Lancaster, PA 17602.

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