Sunday, March 24, 2013

The University of Excellence

The University of Excellence
The purpose of the U of online depository is to provide instruction, information, logistics, and resources for every sector of societal interaction in the world today … and in the future.

In addition, our goal is to provide you with tactical resources to help you establish a balanced end time world view. This will, in effect, help provide you with the knowledge to: 
Know where you're at ...
Know where you're going ...
Know what's happening today ...
Know what's happening in the future ...
We will provide you with not only information - but also strategies - to help you navigate through hard times, to prepare for the future, and to make cutting-edge real time decisions. 
This depository is dedicated to YOU, the potential champion, and to the greatest revolutionary who ever lived: Yeshua ha Mashiach: Jesus, the Messiah of Israel

Stratagem and tricks of the enemy.
Guidelines for interactive ministry.
How to operate in foreign cultures and countries.
Secret powerful truths of ministry.
Organizing ministry trips in other countries.
Exiting ministry trips.
When and how to work alone.
When and how to work cooperatively.
How to reach whole nations by yourself.
Warrior mentality and diversionary tactics. 
Plus many other specific guidelines in the art of Christian warfare.

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