Friday, September 23, 2011

Sacred Rage

Today the Fall-Equinox...Take peace this Fall into your heart and being and have no fears about anything. Focus on what you really want for your long-haul survival, formed around love in its highest richness, and don't get lost in the day to day paranoias and pandemics.

Most of the fear mongering at this time for most of us is largely marketing scams by zealots pushing something or other. But to remain militant is rejecting the system as it is. The political and media systems are hopelessly corrupted, all of us need to continue subjecting all of it to a withering barrage of ridicule at every possible opportunity.

Sacred rage, which comes from deeply loving the truth and ethical respect for life.
Sacred rage. Don't allow anyone in your presence to continue nonchalantly repeating the imperial lies, zio and otherwise, without deflecting it into the gutter.

It is all our collective conscious which will shape the outcomes, we all have to do our little bit as we walk around helping people redefine what really is real. God is Real. God is Truth.

This is powerfull, I find. In fact, I find, an awful lot of people out there are pretty confused and have no problem relating to people who are gutsy enough to contradict Oy-bummer and all the TV talking heads of our Orwellian Carnivale. A bunch of circus clowns.

The great majority people have great misgivings and are listening real heard to people who give voice to the perceptions and facts which validates the mass misgivings. Don't miss the opportunity.

More than ever this Fall I feel a tremendous shift underway. The more the crooks grossly engage in their staged carny con games, the more obvious they become and the more mass consciousness is tuning into new directions and perceptions.

We are the change, we are making it. Day by day, we are redefining the world which is perceived by all. Keep it going. Raise the ante.

Hold fast your Sacred Rage!

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